Nako Lake, a high altitude (12,014 ft) lake of Pooh sub-division in Nako village in the Hangrang Valley of the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, encompassed by willow and poplar trees that seemed to have engulfed the half of the Nako village while bordering it from one side is the best place to visit while on the way to Spiti or even otherwise.

It has four sacred Buddhist temples and a sacred centuries-old ancient footlike impression of a holy saint that add to its mesmerizing beauty of stunning scenes and picturesque views besides enchanting views of the green coloured lake with yellow coloured trees on its bank in the backdrop of snow-clad mountains.

The Sacred Ancient Foot Impression 

There is a sacred footlike impression, which is ascribed to the saint padmasambhava.

Close to a few miles away, there is a small village Tashigang, that is believed to have several caves where the Holy saint and Guru Padmasambhava used to give discourse to their followers besides meditating there.

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The Amazing Waterfall

Nearby these caves fall the snow water of a waterfall that resembles a milk river falling from the waterfall. Going as per the legends it is a realm of fairies with footprints of fairies and demigods in one of the caves, which one can witness even today. Followers regularly visit here from as far of places as Ladakh and Spiti Valley.

Trek To A Small Hill 

Behind the lake is a small trekking area to a nearby small hill that provides a beautiful bird' s-eye view of the lake and the village in the backdrop of the surrounding peaks, which is nothing short of a perfect treat for the shutter buggers. Spending some time in the evening to click unforgettable scenes of the sun setting over the snow-covered Himalayan peaks is worth spending time here.

An Incredible Monastery

Nearby close to a mile away there is an incredible monastery with several amazing ancient murals on the walls besides unique statues of the then deities. The beauty of the surroundings, the beautiful carvings, the spell-binding architecture, and the ancient murals are bound to leave visitors spell-bind for hours.

Nako Lake, no doubt is a must to visit while been to Spiti Valley as it is about one and a half km from Tabo. It provides the best stopover to the tourists while driving to Kaza for a lunch or snack break in a sacred and serene environment away from the traffic and noisy highway.

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Best Time To Visit Nako Lake

The best time to visit the Nako Lake is from May to November though adventurous freaks do visit here during snow expeditions organized between December and January.

Reaching Nako Lake 

Nako is easily approachable as it lies on the Hindustan Tibet Highway, somewhere in the mid of ReckongPeo at Kinnaur and Kaza in Spiti Valley. From state buses to taxis all ply here making it reachable from either side.


There is nothing better than visiting Nako Lake and soak in the sacred area having centuries-old footprint and realm of fairies besides stunning views to get blown away. Nako Lake is the land of ancient saints, fairies and demigods with visible impressions to witness to authenticate the scarcity of the area which is equally revered by both the Hindus and the Buddhists. Taking a no one would like to miss.

Whether one is a nature lover, peace seeker, or with a sacred heart, Nako Lake provides all with panoramic views of the majestic snow-capped Himalayan range and apple orchards on the one hand and a chance to enjoy the serene and pleasant environment of hill stations on the other. 

Nako Lake is a perfect paradise to enjoy the beautiful natural vistas and splendid panoramic views. It is best to explore it with spouse, family, or friends as you will not find such a pleasant place with chilled weather and serene environment anywhere else.

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