Do you want a peaceful escape?

Do you long for new experiences, in remote fairy-tale landscapes?

Do you truly want to discover places, people, and cultures?

If yes, then enrich your wanderlust with the following offbeat travel destinations in Himachal. 

We have handpicked these hidden gems from the exotic landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. Offbeat in spirit, we promise this list of offbeat places in Himachal doesn't mention Shimla and Manali. As many words boast of their beauty already! 

We bet you haven’t heard of these places before! And if you have "been there, done that" we would love if you would comment and share your travel tales. We list below for you offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh that are for real quite offbeat! 

Secret places in Himachal

1. Shoja, Seraj Valley
2. Andretta
3. Saho, Chamba
4. Narkanda
5. Kothi

 A pristine, untouched beauty, perfect for you to uncover sides of your partner, and even yourself! Take a look:

1. Shoja, Seraj Valley

Shoja is a magical wonder to discover with your lover. If you two dream of holding hands as you roam in nature’s pure surroundings, the Seraj region is ideal. 

Seraj Valley is not as famous as its neighbor Beas valley, and that is what makes it one of the most beautiful offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh. 

We recommend you to get to this lost paradise, for your next vacation. 

Places of interest nearby:

1) Waterfall point.

2) Jalori Pass

3) Serolsar Lake

4) Tirthan Valley

5) Raghupur Fort

Scattered wilderness, meditative silence, and the sheer raw beauty of the Shoja! The best environment to make countless memories. 

Each moment spent here is nothing short of a fantasy.

The magic of Seraj is not only in its scenic landscape but also in the warmth – hospitality of the local people. 

You'd be surprised at how simple it is for someone as shy as your soul mate to make new friends here!

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2. Andretta, Himachal Pradesh

If you've captured the heart of an old soul, a lover of art; head to the peaceful village and artists’ colony-Andretta.

13 km away from the tea gardens of Kangra valley below the snow-covered peaks of the Dhauladhar range. This offbeat place in Himachal is scenic and fragrant with cleanliness, simplicity, and beauty. 

Places of interest nearby:

1) Tea Gardens

2) Saurabh Van vihar

3) Bir Billing

4) Pong Dam

5) Pragpur

Andretta is anything but another ordinary Himalayan village. You can visit the small family-run gallery of Sobha Singh’s works in Andretta and buy prints of some of his paintings here. The place also has a pottery society. 

What say, could be a nice first-time experience together. An excuse to share a different kind of closeness, then the regular city life allows. 

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3. Saho, Chamba

Saho is one of the prettiest villages in Himachal Pradesh. Hidden in groves of trees in summers it turns into a golden-hued village. Any time of the year you choose, Saho will never disappoint!. 

Go on evening strolls by the banks of the ‘Sal River’ to soak in the sunset. There are terraced farmlands all around that make Saho look like a flawless ‘Himalayan painting’. 

Places of interest nearby: 

1) Laxmi Narayan Temple

2) Dainkund Peak

3) Chamera lake

4) Rang Mahal

5) Bharmour

Chandrashekhar temple is a magnificent shrine located in this charming village. The village can be easily accessed as it is located at a mere 20 km from Chamba.

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4. Narkanda

Narkanda, at 8,100 feet, is a two-hour drive from Shimla. The road linking the two is a beautiful journey in itself. Roll down your windows and have that ultra-romantic experience of feeling the cool breeze in your partner’s hair.

Places of interest nearby:

1) Tanni Jubbar

2) Stokes Farm

3) Fagu

4) Hassan valley

5) Thanadhar

Trek up to the Hatu peak, huff and puff along the way. Motivate and support each other through the gradual climb as the view from the top is all worth it. 

The unobstructed view of the snow-capped mountains of Pir Panjal, Breathtaking!

Narkanda is also a hot spot for adventure sports like skiing in winter.

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5. Kothi

Also called Koshtampi, Kothi is an ancient village, a place, right out of your rosiest dreams. Little below the Kalpa and nearby Reckong Peo, in the dreamy Kinnaur Valley.  It is best approached on foot from Kalpa. 

The village is surrounded by open fields and fruit trees decorated by vineyards. Wake up to the magnificent backdrops of Kinner Kailash peak.

How does that sound? 

Places of interest nearby: 

1) Berlanga Monastery

2) Kalpa

3) Sangla Valley

4) Sarhan

5) Nako

An exquisite gold image of the goddess is enshrined here. The Kothi Temple has an awe-inspiring architectural style. The remoteness of this hidden gem is the real treasure. The perfect hideaway, to laze around with your muse. 

A place with beauty so surreal, you’d have to pinch your sweetheart to let them know it is real!

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This list of offbeat trails in Himachal takes you to the heart of Himachal itself! 

Its raw hill men culture. 
Witness Himalayan Villages at their best
Herds of sheep,
Wide green pea fields,
Women more earth than the skin,
Elderly folks sunbathing,
Fragile yet wild and free!
Sweet men,
With deep faiths, we worship souls and stone the same.

A welcome wanderer to our great land!

Such is the charm of the Himalayas. Let the variety of scenery and stories that these small hamlets weave give romance a whole new definition.

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is having a go-to travel buddy!
One of the best parts of traveling together is getting unlimited one-on-one time while exploring new places
One of the best places to venture to with your beloved is Himachal Pradesh.
One of the most peaceful states in India, Himachal's atmosphere breathes romance.

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