The Mathi Temple, dedicated to Goddess Mathi, who is the Goddess of Kinnaur, is worshipped from centuries. It is at Chitkul, a village in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh the ‘Land of Gods’. Chitkul is the first village of the Baspa Valley. It is also the last village on the Hindustan-Tibet trade route and the last point in India until one can go without a permit.

How Does The Temple Look?

The complex houses three shrines, out of which the oldest shrine is believed to be built about five-hundred years ago by some Garhwal resident. 

The temple designed in a different style and architecture from the rest of the other Hindu Temples has an ark of walnut wood covered with clothes and a tuft of yak tail. There are two poles inserted in the ark to hold it properly.

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What Is The Legend Behind Its Existence?

The temple is known for its sacred legend behind its existence. As per the legend, the Lord Badrinath's wife Mathi once during their journey from Brindavan to BaruaKhad via Garhwal, Sirmour, Sarahan in Bhushar found the land divided into seven different parts after BaruaKhad. 

While passing through it she found that her nephew Narenas, was the Deity of Shuang Village, so she appointed him as the guard of the village to save the village from impending calamities and provide the residents with all provisions and care besides a convenient and comfortable living.

As she moved further, she reached Chasu village, where she found Narenas was also the Deity of this village and is worshipped by the entire village with great reverence. Therefore, she appointed him as the guard of this village also and gave him the responsibility of protecting the village from all types of calamities and provide a safe, comfortable and convenient living to all the people residing in the Chasu Village. And, then she moved forward towards the third division.

While further going forward, she reached Kamru Fort, where she found that Lord Badri Nath was protecting and guarding the Thorne of Bushahr. So, she left it as such and moved further to the other divisions out of the seven divisions.

In this manner, she covered all the divisions and appointed different people to take care of those villages as well as their residents while assuring them a nice living. She appointed her husband to further take care of Dhumthan subdivision, Shanshares to take care of Rakchham, and Barang Nag to take care of RupinGhati. After securing all the seven divisions, she further proceeded ahead.

Finally, she reached Chitkul and made the Maithi Temple as her final abode and settled there forever. She started taking care of Chitkul while supervising all other divisions from there. All of a sudden after her arrival to Chitkul, the village started prospering making people thriving with success and prosperity with abundant crops, flora and fauna.

So, in turn, the cattle started getting better fodder, and people started getting better milk, vegetable, grains and other eatables, making them prosper, happy and wealthy. Even the weather too became pleasant with happiness encompassing the entire village.

All this made the villagers worship her with high reverence, and till date, the belief keep getting firm day after day making the MaaMaithi Temple a prominent place for the locals to come and seek her blessings to overcome their miseries and shortcomings.

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What Makes This Temple Unique?

This temple is built in traditional Kathuni style and is in the precise centre of the village. It showcases the unique architecture and amazing woodwork of those olden days with a beautiful blend of tradition with uniqueness from other Hindu Temples. It is a traditional Hindu Temple from inside but has dragons outside which resembles some other sects that have nothing to do with the inside temple.

As the temple is in the centre of the village, therefore, while reaching the temple, the visitors get entirely soaked in the unique tradition and culture of Kinnaur, while having a close look in inner lives and living of the local people there.


One must visit the centuries-old Goddess Mathi Temple at Kinnaur and seek her blessings to get holistic prosperity in all their endeavours. There is nothing better than visiting her and pay obeisance to seek her blessings and fulfil all the wishes and desires.

Whether one is a nature lover, peace seeker, or with a sacred heart, Goddess Mathi Temple provides all with panoramic views of centuries-old unique architecture on the one hand and a chance to enjoy the serene and pleasant environment of hill stations on the other.

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