Jakhu Temple, an ancient temple of omnipresent Lord Hanuman, the Hindu Deity, is perched on the top of Jakhu Hill, Shimla, one of the Shimla's most beautiful peaks, along with being the highest peak there at an astounding elevation of 8,054 ft, at about 2.5 km east of the Ridge.

The Temple date back to the period of Shri Ram when the Lord Hanuman while searching for Sajivni Booti for reviving Lakshmana, the younger brother of Sri Rama who got faint During Shri Ram-Ravana war happening in Sri Lanka got hurt by Ravana's son Meghanad, come down to the Jakhu Hill to seek assistance from Yaksha Rishi, who was in deep meditation.

While coming, the hill slid down into the ground because of immense air pressure created by his mind-blowing speed and got reduced to half of its otherwise height. The Lord Hanuman came down to the hill and collected the information regarding SnajivaniBooti from the Rishi. After seeking, he promised the Rishi to come back to him during his return journey to Shri Lanka with SanjiviniBooti and proceeded to Drona Hill. 

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However, while returning to Shri Lanka as he was running short of time, he took some other route leaving the Rishi kept waiting for him. When he did not return, the Rishi got anxious and worried about his whereabouts and the success of the mission he was pursuing.

To pacify him and relieve his anxiety, the Lord Hanuman appeared in front of him and conveyed him the reason for his non returning to him while going back to Shri Lanka with SanjivniBooti. After conveying him the reason and reliving his anxiousness when he left that place, a small idol of the Lord Hanuman emerged there on its own in front of the Yaksha Rishi. Amazed by the aura of the idol and to keep it pious, the Rishi constructed a temple at that place and established the idol. 

From those good olden days to as on date, this temple is still here, and thousands of devotees come here every day to pay their obeisance to the Lord Hanuman and worship him. As the temple was on Jakhu Hill, it gets renowned as Jakhu Temple over time, which has now become one of the main tourists’ destinations in Shimla and is regularly visited by the tourists and the visitors to seek blessings and fulfill their heart's desire, when-so-ever they come there.

In addition to it, while coming down to collect the SanjivniBooti on Drona Hill, where the Lord Hanuman put his foot down, his foot impression was so powerful that it got traced and is still there after thousands of centuries.

It is often visited by thousands of visitors regularly to seek his blessings. Local people have now constructed a temple surrounding this foot impression to preserve this mark for years to come to let the devotees visit there and have blessings of their deity.

On every Dussehra, the Hindu Festival, a grand festival is held here, where thousands of people across the world visit. 

Way back in 2010, a giant 108-feet-high idol of Lord Hanuman at the cost of 1.5 Crores was also unveiled, making Jakhu temple more exciting and revered. This Statue is so giant that it surpassed the Statue of Christ the Redeemer, which was close to 98 ft high, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the highest Statue of Lord Hanuman at such a height that will not leave you without astounding.

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When To Visit?

One can visit here any time as it is visited regularly by the devotees and other tourists around the year. After spending some time in the eternal divine aura of the Lord Hanuman, one can click the benevolent scenic beauty of surrounding Shivalik Hills. 

However, summer is the best period to be here, as in summers, the place become more vibrant and jubilant to come alive with enthusiasm, life, and vigour to leave them spell-bind.

What Are The Other Nearby Attractions?

Along with visiting and seeking blessings at Jakhu Temple in its mesmerizing majestic aura and Lord's magnificent presence, one can also visit several other exciting tourists' destination here.

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A Few Of The Other Visited Tourist Spots Are-

• Johnnie's Wax Museum

• Christ Church

• Gaiety Cultural Complex

• Shimla Mall

• The Ridge

• Scandal Point

How To Visit?

As the temple is close to a few km from the Ridge, the cultural hub of Shimla, it is easily accessible by taxis, trains, and buses.

The temple is conveniently reached by taxi or cab from any nearby place in Shimla. Tourists also visit here on foot or by taking a pony or horse ride, which are readily available in the nearby surroundings.

Nowadays, from 2017 onwards, a ropeway known as Jakhu Ropeway is also available for a direct aerial lift from a central point in Shimla to the temple to cut visiting time short to half an hour to visit and come back.

One can get down to Kalka Railway Station and can have a cab, which hardly takes ten to fifteen minutes to be here, as it is only 2 km from here.

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There is nothing better than receiving divine blessings of Lord Hanuman and fulfil all life wishes while soaking in the scenic beauties of the surrounding and the magnificent aura of Jakhu Temple in addition to enjoying the pristine pleasant weather of Shimla.

The stunning views of the Shivalik range and the mesmerizing colourful sceneries will not let you keep shutterbug inside and blink eyes even for once. The piousness and the sacredness of the place will bring you here again and again for sure. 

Whether one is a nature lover, peace seeker, or with a sacred heart, Jakhu Temple and Jakhu Hills provides all with extreme solace and panoramic views of the majestic Lord Hanuman's tall Statue on the one hand, while making them enjoy the serene and pleasant environment of hill stations on the other.

It is best to explore here with spouse, family, or friends as one will not find such a pleasant place with enormous sacred aura, chilled weather, and serene environment anywhere else. 

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