The Tara Devi Temple, located on a hilltop at 11 km from Shimla amid a thick forest of oak and rhododendron, is renowned for Goddess Tara Devi besides the stunning scenes and the panoramic views it offers to the visitors. Along with a serene environment, it provides a clean and fresh atmosphere to get rid of all worries, tensions and anxieties away from the traffic and clutter of modern urban life. It has become a paradise for the tourists to lost themselves amidst nature, which is at its best there.

The Tara Devi Temple is surrounded by the dense and green lush pine trees with immense greenery all around. The pleasant cool breeze blowing there soothes every soul and rejuvenates body and mind. The nearby lofty mountains and deep valleys surrounding the temple in the backdrop provide a perfect picturesque view for photo-enthusiasts and shutter burgers. 

The temple dedicated to Tara Devi is considered to be the epitome of Goddess Kali, who as per an old legend came here from Bengal to get established and shower her blessings on the people who visit and worship her in her complete Grandiose and Grandeur. The temple bespoke the wooden architecture, beautiful cravings and breath-taking designs engraved on the wooden blocks in the temple.

From nature lovers to the peace seekers, the temple has a lot to offer to all from solace to freedom. People seeking tranquillity and want to get in harmony with nature often visit here to get soaked in the natural aura of Tara Devi's temple and get rid of their worldly attachments.  

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What Is The Origin Of Tara Devi's Temple?

The origin of Tara Devi's Temple date back to around 250 years. As per an old legend the Goddess Tara was brought from West Bengal to Himachal Pradesh by Sen dynasty. A Sen dynasty king once visited Bengal and from there brought a small gold locket with an idol of Goddess Tara encased in gold. He used to wear this locket in his upper arm. The locket exchanged hands from generations to generations. From his 96th generation, Maharaja Bhupendra Sen met an unusual incident. Once while hunting in the dense forest, he got a vision of Goddess Tara along with Lord Hanuman instructing him to made the Goddess Tara available to the public to let them pray and worship her to seek her blessings.

As per the instructions, the Maharaja build a temple of Goddess in a large area and establish a wooden idol of Goddess Tara for the public to pay their reverence and worship her to seek her blessings.

Few generations later Maharaja Balbir Singh of the same dynasty got a vision of Goddess Tara, who showed him the desire of being established on the hilltop of TaravParvat. Accordingly, the Maharaja got her temple build on the hilltop and install a beautiful idol of Ashtdhatu (comprising of rare eight elements). The idol was established with great pomp and show by taking out a huge procession. The Goddess idol was carried to the hilltop on an elephant named Shankar. Amid chanting of powerful mantras, bhajans and other rituals, the Goddess was established there as per her desire to let people worship her and seek her blessings. From that day onwards the temple stands there in all its splendour and majesty on the hilltop. 

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How To Be There?

As the temple is close to 11 km from Shimla, one can easily be there either by taking a state bus or hiring a taxi or a cab. One can easily reach Shimla by taking a train to Kalka or coming via Chandigarh.

Otherwise, one can arrive at Chandigarh airport and have a taxi from there.


There is nothing better than visiting Tara Devi Temple, no matter whether you are a nature lover, peace seeker or sacred at heart. It is the best tourist destination to rejuvenate one'sone's soul, body and mind while giving one'sone's eyes a treat of surrounding picturesque scenes on the one hand and prospering them by the blessings of Goddess Tara on the other hand. No matter of whatever religion you are, the serene environment and the grand aura of the atmosphere have much for all.

The surroundings of the temple are a perfect paradise to enjoy the beautiful natural vistas and splendid panoramic views. It is best to explore it with spouse, family, or friends as you will not find such a pleasant place with chilled weather and serene environment anywhere else.

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