Kovalam has always attracted tourists across the world whether from the USA, UK, Europe, or Australia and has always remained the most sought-after beaches among the honeymooners, couples, pairs and groups. It is one of the most serene and renowned beaches known for it is shallow water, low-tidal waves, sumptuous cuisines, cleaner coastline, savouring fresh local seafood, calm backwater and sunset views. The vegetarian curry houses and European bakeries further rejoice taste buds.

It is a fully maintained high-status beach among tourists with mostly tourists from Europe and Israel. The beach has a 17 km clean coastline with stretched palm-groves besides all other facilities, like fruits, sunbeds, speedboats, restaurants, handy taxis, tuk-tuks and other conveniences that tourists usually wish.

Where Is Kovalam?

Kovalam is next to the Arabian Sea in Thiruvananthapuram, a metropolitan area of Kerala, in India, located close to 18 km south of the city with a beautiful beach on one side and the backwaters on the other.

What Kolavam Stands For?

Kovalam stands for coconut groves and the expansive coconut forests that envelopes the town get it this name. 

When Kolavam Became The Tourist Destination?

Way back in early 20th century it was the Indian Royalty's best vacation destination though it remains unspotted till hippies discovered it in the 1970s. And within a few years, it became the best beach destination for the entire world.

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What Is The Best Time To Visit Here?

From September through May is the best time to be here, when the area is dry and one love to lounge the entire day on the beach doing nothing other than relaxing in the lap of nature in his complete leisure.

How To Arrive Here?

Arriving Kovalam is a cakewalk with perfect connectivity by Air, Rail and Road. India travel store has ample packages to be here from a three days tour to a nine days tour.

One could easily reach here either by Air, Rail or Road.

By Air: The nearest airport to be here is that of Trivandrum International Airport of Thiruvananthapuram that is close to 15 km from the central city.

By Rail: Reaching by rail too is more accessible as by air with Trivandrum Central Railway as the nearest railway head located at around 12 km from Kovalam.

By Road: With well-connected road transportation, one could easily be here from either side of the city one would like to be here.

What Are The Best Things To Do Here?

Kovalam is ideal for spending timeless hours relaxing by the sea, recuperating and rejuvenating the soul, basking in the sun for hours, taking the most healing ayurvedic massages besides wandering through the markets enjoying delicious food at lined up shacks close to the coastline.

And, the visit does not ends with lying under the umbrella, or basking in the sun, or swimming in warm shallow waters, enjoying the sunset tour beyond the bay unless you have not explored the town while walking with locals in the evening.

What Is The History Of Kovalam?

It is one of the most popular beaches among westerners who used to throng here round the year to have their best time with their spouse, living partners or friends. It was among one of their best topless beaches. 

What was earlier, a mere fishing village has grown and turned out to be the most enticing tourist and beach destinations.

The beach sand at Kovalam is partially black owing to the presence of the mineral sands. Formation of the different coral reefs near the coast further adds to its beauty.

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There Are So Many Beaches, But Why Only Kovalam?

Kovalam, known for it is shallow water and low tides that make this beach fearless and allows one to walk scores of meters into the waves with lover's hand in hand besides swimming for hours without drowning fear. It is a protected beach with several lifeguards ready to rescue and tackle emergencies around the clock. It is one of the safest, guarded and protected beaches among all beaches.

And on the top, here you got a chance to visit three different beaches at one destination within a mile range.

The Kovalam beach has three distinct parts separated by rocky outcroppings that together provide it with an excellent crescent shape.

1. Lighthouse Beach

The Lighthouse beach, the southernmost one is the frequently visited beach at Kovalam. 

The beach got its name from Vizhinjam Lighthouse, a 118 ft age-old tower, built of stones with red and white bands. It is located at 35 meters on top of the Kurumkal hillock, and provide intermittent beams of light that convert the beach into an earthly charm throughout the night with it is light spreading across the water making it colourful, jubilant and live to create a spectacular view. 

2. Hawah Beach

Beach is the next beach close to Kolavam. It is popularly known as Eve's Beach among the tourists, and it creates magical views during the entire night with cool moonlit dancing on the water.

Unique aquarelle on moonlit nights converts this beach to a real paradise with the calm bay of clear blue waters and a high rock promontory that adds to its mesmerizing beauty, especially on full moon days. The clean sands and the gorgeous views of Hawah beach are matchless to spell-bind the tourists.

3. Samudra Beach

Samudra beach has nothing to do much with tourists and is separated from the southern side by a massive promontory. The local fisherman primarily uses it for fishing and trading with very fewer tourists ever visiting there.

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There is nothing better than visiting Kolavam, no matter whether you are a honeymooner or want to reignite years old love with a spouse. It is a perfect paradise even for the lovers or the friends to spend some precious time in the serene and live environment near the seashore while walking on the beach or swimming in low tide beach with safe, low water to make you fearless.

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