Visiting and visiting with your family is different, and when it comes to God’s own country, it becomes so tempting and worth to visit with your family that it becomes a must rather than a choice.

Kerala has no equal when compared to some other tourist destination as it has so much to offer with its breathtaking backwaters, pristine waterfalls, superb scenic beauty, palm-fringed beaches, green lush rolling hills, flora and fauna, wildlife and bird sanctuaries with picture-perfect destinations that it attracts and fascinates all from nature lovers to adventure seekers and from honeymooners to couples. With several monuments, ancient temples, rich culture, and heritage, it’s impossible for Kerala not to top your tour and travel list.

Kerala often trusted and regarded as ‘God’s own country’ has a lot to do from enjoying ayurvedic therapies in serene environments to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your souls to having a chill bath in waterfalls from visiting ancient temples to visiting beautiful cities and villages, from relishing tantalizing rich and sumptuous cuisines to spending evenings aside palm-fringed beaches and much more.

The list is inexhaustive, and so is the fun. The fascination of being there with family on a luxury vacation or a short tour is beyond description to describe in words; instead, it is something to be felt and sink in with your heart, soul, mind, and body altogether.

Reasons to Take A Family Trip to God Own Country

Unique Serene Aura

Trekking In Kerala Backwater

Traditional Colourful Festivals

Exploring The Rolling Hills

Ayurveda And Spiritual Healing

Gastronomic Delights – Malabar Cuisine

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Here We Are Rolling Down With Various Reasons For You To Be There Along With Your Family.

Unique Serene Aura

When it comes to having a deep dive in nature, we always need our family close to us to have a sense of utopia while sinking in the unique serene aura. It’s a most serene city with verdant hills to soak the nature in its eternity without distracting by the hustle and bustle of the city. You have the luxury and the comfort of being in a town without facing noise, pollution, or any other sort of distraction. Even on reaching there, you would feel different from the rest of the tourist destinations as if you have entered a cool, calm city of Gods where peace prevails without any noise or other distractions, which are a big no. The cultural heritage you should be Proud

Kerala enriched in many ways with well-preserved traditions, cultural heritage, and legacy, which it is carrying from long ancient times. From folk dances to humor, from performances to martial art, from languages to historic places, and the counting goes on. It would be an enriching experience to witness all amid your family and making kids learn our ancient arts, cultures, and traditions while you and your spouse could enjoy the performance and update what we missed during our childhood.

At Kerala Kathakali Centre, Navarasa Kathakali Centre,  Kadathanadan Kalari, and  Kerala Kalamandalam, it would be fantastic to watch Kathakali of the 17th-century classical dance, and Kalaripayattu a traditional folk art which would leave you awestruck.

For humor lovers, there is Chakyarkoothu, a comedy satire at the several temples of Kerala to leave you as a laughter stock, nothing less. The Theyyam, thousand-year-old unique worship and a 16th Century classical dance, is sure to make you spellbound and are mostly performed in the temples of North Kerala.

For martial art lovers Kalarippayat martial art, an ancient form of martial art is performed in Greenix Village in Fort Kochi that also presents Theyyam performances along with Mohiniyattam dances.

Trekking In Kerala Backwater

Kerala backwaters, known for cruises, are the most sought-after destinations of the tourists and local people both. The serene lake stretches, lagoons and canals parallel to the coast of the Arabian Sea provide the backwaters a fascinating view while adding to their alluring beauty and elegance. 

Alappuzha, the ‘Venice of the East’, is the best attraction to soak in nature with your family in the houseboat cruises. The fun that you could have with your family can’t be imagined without being there.

What would be better than traversing the maze of backwaters? The most mesmerizing for tourists attraction visiting Kerala Backwater. The long wooden houseboats once used for transporting commodities like spices and rice are now the most alluring experience for the tourists. Few of them are grand luxurious to have Jacuzzis, personal chefs, spas, salons, and much more to keep the tourists mesmerizing.

At a slight distance from the backwaters is the Cardamom Hills permeating the sweet scent of Cardamoms, coffee, pepper, tea to be a few popular among other smells, which are well known to local people there. 

One of Kerala’s sightseeing attractions is, of course, the famous backwaters. Once used for transporting rice and spices around the state, the long wooden houseboats are now mostly for tourists – some even have onboard Jacuzzis and personal chefs. You can spend a few days traversing the maze of backwaters which is an unforgettable experience in itself.

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Traditional Colourful Festivals

Kerala is known for it’s traditional culture and colourful Festivals in all the times. Whatever is the time, whichever is the month they always have something or other to immerse into. Festivities, happiness and merriment are through-out Kerala round the year. The Kerala boat festival conducted between the months of July-September is an amazing feat displaying the team spirit.

Onam, a 10-day harvest usually celebrated between August and September to welcome King Mahabali who is known for the happiness and the prosperity under his rule.

Theyyam, a ritual dance displaying the tales of India and mythological stories of ancient era close to near eight hundred years will leave you and your family nothing but stunning.

Exploring The Rolling Hills

The rolling hills of Kerala are one of the other attractions alluring many tourists from far of places to be there.

Waynad, the most exotic place, is famous for its flora and fauna that is found exclusively in these hills. Tea, coffee, spices, rubber plantations, and other gardens are among the famous attractions of these hills. Neelkurinji flower that blooms only once in twelve years is often taken with surprise by the tourists.

The pristine waterfall of Athirapally is the next attraction of Kerala’s rolling hills. The 80-foot high waterfall adds to the glory of Kerala.

Another destination, Thekkady, is best for the nature walk among lush green habitats with your family, which will for sure make you visit here again and again. Exploring diverse forests in a Jungle Jeep Safari and doing Jungle trekking in Kerala is also a must to do with your entire family.

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Ayurveda And Spiritual Healing

Kerala, the spiritual home of Ayurveda, is often visited by tourists and other rejuvenation, reinvigoration, relaxation, or peace of mind seekers to concentrate on meditation, yoga, spa, and other spiritually healing practices while exploring their soul. From the seasoned yogi to modern hippies, all find tranquillity in nature’s calmness, serenity, and flora. Your presence in Kerala is enough to realize the difference Kerala offers in comparison to other Indian states.

The Ayurveda academies are renowned to learn spiritualism, and people travel here from the entire world to learn, practice, and profess. The schools in Ernakulam and Kollam are often thronged by international students in pursuit of alternative medicines.

Gastronomic Delights – Malabar Cuisine

Malabar cuisine is the special attraction of Kerala with an amazing Malabar food items list, which is unique in many ways owing to its traditional culture of preparation, hosting, and eating food. Kerala’s gastronomic delight is instead the best way to experience Kerala in its real  sense. The bountiful spices, the coastal environment, the unique style of serving on a banana leaf while eating with hands in their traditional manner rather than spoons and forks take tourists to an ancient time in Kerala’s year-old culture and tradition. The flavor of curries, chutneys, and rice in addition to other delicacies as a fluffy pancake, coconut palm wine locally called Toddy, is the hallmark of Kerala food.

The Kerala masala stuffed potato Dosa, an arm long paper-thin crepe served with their traditional Sambar and coconut chutney, has its tantalizing taste you can’t get anywhere else. Though it’s the classic breakfast but is serves throughout the day in almost all restaurants and homesteads.

The fried fresh fish of the Arabian sea has it’s own place in Kerala cuisine when served with their coconut chutney on the banana leaf. Appam with stew, puttu, Karimeen Pollicahthu, ghee roasted dosa is a few other tourists attraction that is especially enjoyed while gossiping with your family and enjoying the climate of Kerala in its complete serenity and coastal climate.

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Kerala, known for its unique beauty, dramatic diversity, and dreamy landscape with tranquil backwater cruises, green-lush rolling hills, flora and fauna, and much more, is a must to visit with your family to feel it’s true essence and real worth. The low-lying tropical beaches, tea plantations, Western Ghats are serene beyond words to be explored, thrilled, soaked, and sink. It is aptly called ‘God’s own country.’ 

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