The very name of Himachal is synonymous with fun, frolic, adventure, and sightseeing and for some, far from the madding crowd, laid-back time pas or vacation. During winters you can look forward to a different kind of fun and adventure, as compared to that during the summers. Today we shall talk of Dalhousie, which is a destination par excellence that presents you with a distinctly different experience with the turn of each and every season. 


Talking about the best time to visit here, it will not be off the mark to say that this is one destination in Himachal Pradesh that presents you with very distinct views and associated experiences related to each and every season. So in short it can be said that the best time to visit here depends entirely on what sort of an experience you are looking forward to when visiting Dalhousie. The beauty and charm of each season are absolutely unique to it. It is for this reason that Dalhousie is termed as a year-round destination. Discussed below are the three prominent seasons in Dalhousie and their effect on the panoramic views and the environment.  

Beginning March to May

 The month of March signals the commencement of the summer season, in Dalhousie, which extends right up till the month of May. The weather during this period is pleasant with ambient temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius, and the surroundings are a beautiful lush green and ideal for nature walks, sightseeing and relaxing in the midst of the serene and scenic environment. The important events and festivals of Dalhousie, during this period, are the Suhi Mela, and the Dalhousie Summer festival, and Losar, the Tibetan New Year celebrations You will also find a large number of tourists visiting here during this period, as it happens to be the most favored time to visit here and the in-season period.

The period from June to September

 Although this period is essentially the monsoon season, but the rainfall during these months is rather weak, however you could expect some mild showers during this period. The showers render the place with a lush green forest cover imparting it with a misty romantic environment, ideally suited for honeymooners. The impotant events and festivals of the district of Chamba during this period ae the Hariyali, just at the onset of monsoons, Gugga, Minjar and the Gaddi fairs  In other words this period would be ideal for honeymooners to visit Dalhousie, as the place is also less crowded owing to the monsoons. 

Period from October to February

 Though the months of October to November may not be that chilly as you may expect but, cold they sure are. The period from December to February actually constitute the real winter period in Dalhousie with a lot of snow covering the place in a surreal white blanket. The temperatures during this period can range from 10 degree Celsius to zero degrees as well. Winter skating, Christmas and New Year celebrations are worth the visit So if you fancy winter activities then this time period will be the best to visit here, more so with the hoteliers extending some impressive discounts during the period, this being the lean season.


Switzerland in India, ever imagined that? It exists and very truly in Himachal Pradesh – yes Dalhousie it is. A place, so serene and beautiful, that literally compels its visitors to spend their maximum time exploring its surroundings and places that are unique in themselves. Dalhousie, the very name, is synonymous to the British era, exudes a typically colonial feeling renowned for the heritage buildings dating back to the 19th century.  

There would be nothing more exciting than a leisurely dream tour on foot through the memory lanes. Spread over an expanse of five hills it encompasses a variety of exotic flora and fauna, some spectacular landscapes – a photographers delight, Wild life sanctuaries for the lovers of wild life, trekking trails for the adventure junkies and the solitude and tranquility seekers and not to leave out the honeymooners on their first ever outing together.  


Mentioned below are some of the major attraction points of visit in Dalhousie

You can start you one day itinerary in Dalhosie at 9:00 AM

Start your day with an early and a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel/hostel where you are staying, and prepare for a wonderful tour de Dalhousie.

Tourist Attractions in Dalhousie







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  We can start your one itinerary with a visit to this fabulous place famed literally as the Indian version of Switzerland. This place is a perfect destination for a day long trip, complete with some amazing meadows, surrounded by thick Deodar forests, lush greenery, and to top it all the Khajjiar Lake that adds to the mesmerizing beauty of Khajjiar as a place extra ordinaries.

Located just 20 Kms, approximately, or roughly an hour’s journey from Dalhousie, Kahjjiar is an ideal place for a  picnic trip while the nature lovers revel in the natural beauty that this place is blessed with and the adventurist junkies can look out for some amazing trekking trails for a future visit, as Khajjiar, incidentally Khajjiar, is among the most prominent tourist places in Dalhousie. . 

Moreover it is worthwhile to note that Khajjiar encompassing a plateau and a fresh water lake thus, becoming a rare destination, in itself, that brings together three ecosystems – namely, lakes, forests and pastures.

This visit would likely take up a good 4 to 5 hours of your time, if picnicking. Khajjiar is also famous for its 9 hole golf course, which you must see on your visit here and watch a good game in progress.

 An amazing ‘blend of seven streams’, that gives this place the name Satdhara Falls, is all famous for the beauty, tranquility, and the peaceful ambiance that it provides to its visitors and a sight to behold.

 Moreover as per the locals it is said that the water of this fall has some amazing medicinal properties that cure skin ailments, reason enough to make a visit to this astounding artwork of nature. The site of the falls is located en route to another astounding tourist attraction in Dalhousie, the Panchpula or the five bridges. 

Ideally a time period of about 45 minutes to one hour is sufficient to look around here. You could also chalk out this place for a picnic instead of Khajjiar.

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Literally meaning the ‘Five Bridges’ Panch Pula, happens to be the most popular and scenic place to visit in Dalhousie. With its gushing streams and waterfalls, located just about 3 Kms from Dalhousie, it is one among the prominent tourist places in Dalhousie.  You could enjoy boating, a picnic and a laid back moment when here enjoying the tranquility and the peace of the place. 

An additional attraction on the way to Panch Pula is the Samadhi of the great freedom fighter Sardar Ajith Singh, this monument is constructed at the confluence of various streams. Incidentally this place also happens to be the starting point as well as the base for various trekking route. You will also come across the famous Satdhara Spring on your way to Panch Pula. 

The place has a number of fast food joints where you could relish some hot snacks and a cup of tea or coffee. The ideal time period to be spent here is roughly about an hour.

However if you are not the picnicking type then of course a couple of additional places can be lined up for you during the days trip like

 Ganji Pahari, Dalhousie

Approximately 5 KMs from Dalhousie is this amazing Ganji Pahari or the Bald Hill, one of the lesser known places around Dalhousie, on the Pathankot Road. This hill gets its name from the fact that the top of the hill is actually devoid of any trees or vegetation cover, giving it an appearance of baldness. 

Once atop this hill you subject to some mesmerizing views of the snowcapped mountains, while the snaking trails up the mountain make for an excellent trek. The trekking time is roughly around one hour to reach the top of the hill. Ideal time duration to spend at this location is around one hour. 

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 Bakrota Hills, Dalhousie

Another amazing and a must visit place on your one day tour of Dalhousie is the Bakrota Hills. Located just 5 Kms from Dalhousie, you can enjoy views of the lush green deodar, pine and oak forests from here and on closer looking out you could also get to see the snow clad peaks of the mighty Himalayas form here. Ideal time duration at this location is approximately one hour. 


 Last but not the least, as is the practice, we tend to pick up/ purchase something that is unique to the place visited; you can visit the Tibetan Market in Dalhousie, essentially a must for your Dalhousie tour itinerary. Moreover if you fancy Tibetan culture and handicrafts then this place is going to make you fall in love with it.  Located at the famous Gandhi Chowk of Dalhousie, this place is ideal for buying Chamba slippers, some amazing carved jewelry, souvenirs, home décor items, colourful hand woven carpets and shawls etc.  


goSTOPS Dalhousie 

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Zostel Dalhousie 

 Kholpukhar, Near Gandhi Chowk, 176304 Dalhousie, India

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The highest peak in Dalhousie, the Dainkunjd Peak, attracts a large number of tourists every year owing to the lush green and the snowcapped peaks that surround this region. Being the highest peak in Dalhousie it also experiences the maximum snow fall during the winter months. Although there is a motorable road up to the peak you could also chose to trek up to the top of the hill. The entire stretch is blessed with bounty of nature.

Famous for a multitude of reasons, one of them being the spectacular views the thick and lush green deodar, pine and oak forests and the variety of flora and fauna that this hill is a home to along with the wildlife like the Pheasants, Himalayan Black Bear, and the famous Himalayan Black Marten. A trek through this region is the best way to explore the mesmerizing beauty of this forest.

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An amazing fresh water lake set amidst snowcapped mountains, doubling as a hydroelectric project for the region. You could enjoy boating and fishing here, the lke happens to be one of the must visit place around Dalhousie. 


Getting its name after the great freedom fighter Neta ji Subhash Cnadra Bose, it is said that he stayed here for a period of seven moths and meditated here while relishing the natural beauty of the place. Other than being famous for the medicinal properties of its waters, which are said to cure illnesses this place is also famous for the spectacular views that it offers of the surrounding landscape that are a photographer’s paradise. 

Dedicated to St. John, this protestant church is an embodiment of the Victorian era, and memories of the bygone British regime. Most suited for art and architecture lovers this chapel houses a rich collection of books and photography etc. that depict the heritage and culture of Dalhousie.

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A perfect place for nature lovers and photographers this artificially created Rock Garden is in fact a collection of rock-strewn all over the place in flowing water diverted from nearby streams, with lush green surroungings that overlook the spectacular mountains over all lending the region with an ambiance of serenity, peace and tranquility. It is located en route to your drive to the Chamera Lake.   


There, basically are three modes to reach here:

By Air – the nearest airport is at Gagal in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh which is well connected by regular flights from Delhi and Chandigarh. Once here you could hire a cab to drive up to Dalhousie, a distance of approximately 130 Kms through some amazing scenic surroundings.

By Train – You could catch a train to the Pathankot Junction, which is very well connected to all the cities in India. Once here you can hire a cab to drive you up to Dalhousie, a distance of approximately 110 Kms of pure scenic and panoramic drive.

By Road – You can also avail the government or private bus services that originate from various nearby cities to reach here, or alternatively self drive. It is an 11 hour journey by road.  

These are some of the most stunning Dalhousie attractions which you must visit. The best time for you to visit Dalhousie.  So now when you are planning a vacation to Himachal Pradesh, make sure to book Indian Travel Store Himachal Tour Packages and enjoy the tour