Skydiving: A Thrilling Experience

Surprisingly enough, the sport of skydiving is quite an old adventure activity. According to history, the first-ever skydive jump was made in the year 1797 from a hot-air balloon. Apart from the sports scenario, many soldiers have also been reported to jump from the planes during military exercises. 

This sport involves jumping from an airplane from a certain height and then opening the parachute before landing on the ground. This sport is a pure adrenaline rush for the thrill-seekers who get attracted to this sport. 

Skydiving (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Many people who have not yet tried out this activity have added it to their bucket list of adventures. Some say that skydiving is the best way to face your fear of heights and know the ecstatic joy after you land on the ground. The feeling of the thrill is incomparable to other adventure sports.

This extreme sport is also popularly known as ‘Parachuting’ by sports enthusiasts. Sky diving has gained a significant following of people who experience this sport regularly. Many skydiving records have been set by people in various categories. Also, there are many competitions held throughout the world with skydivers competing against each other. 

There is no decrease in the popularity of this thrilling adventure. More and more people are availing this experience to cross this adventure from their bucket list. 

Two types of jumps that skydivers do are Static Line Jumps and Tandem Jumps. There is a difference between these two types of jumps. The tandem jump means you will be exiting the aircraft with the instructor on your back who will in control of everything. Whereas, the Static-Line jump is where you jump solo without the instructor. However, for a static line jump, you need to be certified and tested for optimum health.

7 Best Skydiving Places In India

1. Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu

2. Mysore, Karnataka

3. Aamby Valley in Maharashtra

4. Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh

5. Deesa in Gujarat

6. Narnaul in Haryana

7. Hyderabad in Telangana

For many people, Skydiving in India is quite a new chapter in the adventure tourism industry. Only in the past few years, the sport has gained popularity among the Indians. 

Although some temporary events are held annually throughout India, but for Sky Diving enthusiasts, some dedicated sites can be considered as the best destinations for skydiving in India. 

In most parts of the world, the skydiving sport is very well established. However, in India, it is still in its infancy. This is likely to change in the coming years because of the rising trend of its popularity among Indians.

We have compiled a list of the 7 best skydiving places in India to give you the thrill of free-falling from the sky. These destinations are rapidly getting more and more popular among Indian and international tourists. Skydiving has been added to the popular adventure tour packages that can be availed easily through a travel agency. 

Although, Paragliding is somewhat similar to skydiving it will not be included in the list because of no freefall happening before the parachute opens. No Doubt, paragliding is a popular sport and is a valued addition to your Himachal adventure tour package. But, it will not be considered in the list of Skydiving destinations.

Here are the 7 destinations within India that offer the ultimate skydiving experiences in India

1. Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu 

This beautiful destination is a perfect all-around trip that includes the best nature has to offer along with the rich culture of South India. Pondicherry is a coastal destination with a gorgeous landscape and food that is an experience on its own.

Pondicherry also offers one of the most beautiful destinations for skydiving in India. The skydiving operators here offer both tandem and static-line jumps. 

The price is roughly around 19,000 INR for a single Static-Line jump and a Tandem jump will cost you around 28,000 Indian Rupees.

It is wise to check all the prices on the website before booking. Also, check all the requirements before availing of the skydiving package.

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2. Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is arguably the best destination for skydiving in India. The skydiving strip in Mysore is located at the foothills of the famous Chamundi Hills. 

Freefall jumps and Tandem jumps are both available here with the backdrop of the wonderful landscapes of Mysore. This destination is considered to offer one of the ultimate skydiving experiences in India.

The jump is done from the height of 4000 feet and it is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have along with other tourist activities. The cost of the Tandem jump is around 35,000 Indian rupees. There is a week-long skydiving package available as well. 

Mysore provides one of the most challenging experiences of skydiving. Hence, before jumping there is a training program that lasts one whole day to acquaint you on how to safely jump and land. 

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3. Aamby Valley in Maharashtra

The Valley of Aamby is located in the famous state of Maharashtra. For many thrill seekers, Aamby Valley is one of the best skydiving places in India. 

Many professionals and expert skydivers choose this destination for this sport. This site offers operators offering jumps from the height of around 10,000 feet which is quite exciting for many skydivers. 

There are weekly and annual skydiving packages and memberships that attract regular skydivers from all over India. Aamby Valley is also a destination for training skydivers before they jump. The price of the tandem jumps is around 20-25 thousand Indian Rupees.

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4. Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh

This lesser-known destination is also among the favorite destinations for sky diving. The city of Aligarh has an airstrip that provides skydiving facilities for those seeking the thrill of a free fall.

One thing to remember before availing of this adventure is that you will have to go through a mandatory fitness test. This test is required before you jump from the aircraft. It is done to ensure the mental and physical fitness of the person willing to take the jump. After the test, there is a training program that you have to complete before the jump. The instructors here are well trained and equipped for the tandem jumps. 

You should check their website and do a booking before going to the site. Upon finishing the training, a certificate will also be given to you. The instructors will make sure your skydiving adventure is documented through photographs and videos. 

The jump is made from the height of approximately 10,000 feet and the cost of the tandem jump is around 28,000 Indian Rupees. There are various other packages available which you can check on the site as well as on the website of the operators. ‘Sky High’ is the name of one of the most popular operators here.

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5. Deesa in Gujarat

This destination is a certified site for the sport of Sky Diving which is authorized by the government. At this site, Sky Diving is authorized as an adventure sport and it is also India’s first Sky diving destination. 

The view during the freefall is beautiful and is worth all the effort and challenges. At Deesa, many regular sky diving events are held and it attracts the most number of people in North India who are willing to experience skydiving for the first time.

Both experts and beginners can do the jump from here. If you wish to take a static jump alone then you have to undergo the training program which is around 2 days long. Trained and experienced instructors are available to guide you through the process of jumping, parachuting, and landing. 

The fall height is around 4000 feet and the cost of the static jump is around 17,000 Indian rupees. Tandem jumps are available for 34,000 Indian rupees. 

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6. Narnaul in Haryana

The airstrip of Narnaul in the state of Haryana is known as the ‘International Skydiving Destination’. This site is also a very popular skydiving destination among adventure enthusiasts. The packages here are offered by a company. These packages include both Tandem and Static jumps.

Comprehensive training will be provided before the jump and fall height is around 10,000 feet. The cost of the tandem jump here is around 28,000 rupees. 

Before availing of the skydiving packages make sure to check the website of the company. The company name is ‘Sky High’ which can be found on the internet. 

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7. Hyderabad in Telangana

The skydiving spot in Hyderabad is at Nagarjuna Sagar Airport. This airport facility is dedicated to the sport of Skydiving. The instructors and trainers available at this site are internationally trained professionals. The instructors provide in-depth training to ensure your safety before and during the fall. 

It is a very famous skydiving spot in Hyderabad and provides a satisfying experience like no other. The tandem jumps available here would cost around 20,000 Indian rupees. With some additional cost, you can get your video captured and photographs were taken. 

You can do the advance booking on the website of Nagarjuna Sagar Airport. Make sure to check the updated prices and the timings of your scheduled jump. 

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Points to Consider before Sky Diving

1. Skydiving is considered an extreme adventure sport. Although it is a safe activity, it is very important to pay attention to the training that is provided before the jump. The instructors will help you understand the gear you will be wearing along with the parachute equipment. 

2. Before the jump, it is important to know that jumping on a full stomach might result in a nauseating experience. You mustn't jump with a full stomach. A very light meal is recommended before skydiving.

3. People who have a severe fear of heights should not consider skydiving at all. It is quite an unpleasant experience for you as well as your instructors if you are not ready for the jump.

4. Lastly, make sure to check the weather conditions before you jump. It is not advisable to skydive during the rainy season or heavy rainfall.

Because of the lasting COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, it is high time to consider adventure tourism as an option to rejuvenate the stalled pace of life. People throughout the world are eager to take a vacation and travel. It is important to consider safety and social distancing measures when you travel. Adventure tourism offers opportunities where large crowds can be avoided.

In the coming years, it is quite possible that Skydiving will become an established sport in India. This is due to the increasing trend of more and more people wanting to experience the thrill of Sky diving.