For the people in India, Jammu is best known for the temple of the Goddess Vaishno Devi. But Jammu has much more to offer for the travelers who wish to explore this region with an open mind.

Jammu is a newly declared Indian Union Territory and is less popular compared to the neighboring region of Kashmir. Kashmir has always captivated the minds of the people because of its unparalleled beauty. But Jammu is often overlooked due to the lack of information about the many destinations it has to offer.

Jammu is located in the joint state of ‘Jammu & Kashmir’ in the northernmost region of India. Jammu is particularly popular because of the Vaishno Devi temple for the people who have not even been here. The tourism opportunities that are available in Jammu are immense. There are enough places to visit in Jammu for travelers of all budgets and interests.

The Jammu region is blessed with gorgeous mountains with many trekking trails and adventure sports to experience. Some of the major Jammu attractions include some lesser-known travel destinations as well. This region of India has a lot of cultural importance for many communities in India. 

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the major tourist attractions available in Jammu to explore. The list includes some of the popular tourist places in Jammu along with a few offbeat places to visit in Jammu. These offbeat destinations are often popular for adventure tourism.  

7 Beautiful Places To Visit In Jammu

Vaishno Devi Temple

Mansar Lake

Bahu Fort

Natha Top


Raghunath Temple

Purmandal Village

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Following are some of the top places to visit in Jammu for your vacation.

Vaishno Devi Temple 

Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

This temple is on top of our list because it is the most popular site for religious as well as for regular tourists. Almost all tour operators promote this site and it is always mentioned in the Jammu Tour Packages. 

Vaishno Devi Temple is easily on the list of top tourist places in Jammu. Every year, the temple is visited by thousands of devotees from all over India. Goddess Mahalakshmi is the deity that is worshipped here. For many people, this is considered the holiest site in the Hindu tradition. 

This Temple is located at a height of approximately 5,100 feet from sea level. The temple is built around the structure of a cave and devotees have to walk to the main shrine which is quite a long trek. However, for physically challenged devotees horse rides and helicopter services are also available.

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Mansar Lake 

Mansar Lake, Jammu (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Mansar Lake is located around 62 kilometers away from Jammu city. Surrounded by lush green forest and surrounding hills in the background, Mansar Lake is the top Jammu sightseeing destination for many. The place is ideal for a picnic with your family and friends. 

Mansar Lake and Surinsar Lake are twin lakes with spiritual significance for many people. For the local community, it is a site of pilgrimage for many people. The Wildlife Sanctuary of Mansar is another tourist attraction nearby that is worth visiting. Many rare species of flora and fauna can be found here.

The natural setting of this lake brings about a sense of peace and calm. There are two important Hindu temples located near Mansar Lake. These temples are the Narasimha Temple which is dedicated to one of the forms of Lord Vishnu and another one is the Umapati Mahadev Temple. Both these temples attract Hindu devotees from all over the country. 

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Bahu Fort

Bahu Fort in Jammu, India (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

To choose Jammu as a holiday destination to escape the mundane city life is essentially a good decision. Among the top tourist places in Jammu, Bahu Fort is surely in the top 3. This majestic fort is more than 3000 years old and is considered the most important landmark in the Jammu region. 

Bahu Fort is only 5 kilometers away from the city and is culturally the most important monument in Jammu. According to history, the king called Raja Jambu decided to establish his kingdom by constructing this fort. Bahu Fort became the foundational landmark around which the Jammu was developed. 

Bahu Fort is built around the popular Tawi River. The most popular attraction in Bahu Fort is the temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. The temple is culturally very important for the local people. 

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Natha Top

Natha Top, Jammu (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

This hill station is a beautiful winter destination popularized by the adventure tourism activity of Paragliding. Natha top is one of the top places to see in Jammu for its pristine beauty especially during the months of winter when the snow brings out the best of its landscape.

Natha top is quite close to the famous Patnitop hill station and is located at a height of around 2700 meters above sea level. Another popular adventure sport that is being practiced here is that of Skiing. Skiers and Paragliding enthusiasts from all over India choose Natha top as their adventure destination. 

For photographers and nature lovers, Natha top is one of the top Jammu sightseeing destinations. The Pir Panjal mountain range provides a beautiful view that is indescribable in words. During the summer season, the Natha top hill station is equally beautiful. The summer season brings in hundreds of tourists from all over India.

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Shivkhori Temple, Jammu (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Shivkhori is an important cave shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva located in the district of Udhampur. This shrine is an important site for Hindu devotees who worship Lord Shiva. The naturally formed ‘Lingam’ is considered to be a sacred phenomenon and a representation of Shiva himself. 

The 3-kilometer long trek to the shrine is quite challenging and for the devotees, it is all worth the effort. Many devotees feel elated when they reach the shrine and prostrate in front of the idol. This shrine holds immense importance in the hearts of the devotees of Lord Shiva. 

The path to the shrine offers a wonderful view of the mountains and lush forest surrounding the area. The spiritual vibe within the shrine is something unforgettable for the devotees who are devoted to the spiritual aspect of Shiva. Shivkhori continues to be one of the most important religious tourist places in Jammu. 

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Raghunath Temple

The Raghunath Temple, Jammu (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Raghunath Temple is the top Jammu sightseeing destination for domestic tourists. This famous temple is more than 100 years old and was constructed by the King who ruled in the early 19th century. The unique feature of this temple is that it houses idols of various gods and goddesses. However, the major deity that is worshipped in this temple is Rama who is one of the reincarnations of Lord Vishnu.

The temple is quite huge and is one of the largest constructions in Jammu. The temple’s architecture is similar to that of Mughal architectural designs. The temple is beautiful to look at and it houses idols belonging to all the major gods and goddesses. 

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Purmandal Village

Purmandal Shiva Temple, Purmandal, Jammu (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The village of Purmandal is among the list of the most interesting places to visit in Jammu. If you wish to experience authentic local cuisine and delve into the culture of the local people, then the visit to Purmandal is worth the journey. This beautiful village is blessed with some of the most gorgeous views of the area.

Purmandal village is located near the famous river of Devika. There are plenty of places where you can taste the local delicacies and enjoy the authentic tastes that many restaurants try to replicate. The famous Saffron based rice and the red lamb curry are some of the most delicious meals you can taste here. 

Usually, tourists visiting this place also take a bath in the waters of the Devika river. The temples in the village area create a very soothing relaxed atmosphere for the people. Also, there are many accommodation options available nearby including the resorts with modern facilities. 

These were the 7 best places to visit in Jammu in the coming year of 2021. After the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, people are already making plans to travel to various places. Considering this, the Jammu & Kashmir tourist places offer the best experiences for your vacation.

The district of Jammu is not only meant for families and spiritual pilgrimage. There are adventure travel experiences for thrill-seekers who are looking for an adrenaline fix. For nature lovers and photographers there are ample opportunities to capture the beautiful moments that the region has to offer. 

For trekking enthusiasts, many popular and lesser-known trails exist to quench their thirst for adventure. The Jammu region is full of history and culture that has its roots in folklore and mythology as well. 

Before you travel, make sure you check the weather conditions especially during times of rain. Although, Jammu is open throughout the year both winters and summers offer uniquely different scenic beauty to experience. All in all, there are enough experiences to have in Jammu to realize that it is rightly called the ‘Gateway to Heaven’.

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