Chandra Tal Lake is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in Himachal Pradesh but has an interesting legend that makes ones visit a complete worth. As per the legend the Eldest Pandava of Mahabharata epic was taken to heaven in his mortal form from Chandra Tal Lake, and what else will be better than to visit such an auspicious place.

With a circumference of 2.5 km, mostly snow-capped during winters at an elevation of 4210 m/ 14,220 ft is a must to top the bucket list of all the tourists. Owing to its altitude, proper Acclimatization is a must before coming here.

The journey itself is an amazing adventurous experience that makes one climb the high glaciers between Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass while traversing through the most treacherous roads. Otherwise one can travel via road to Spiti Valley through Kinnaur to reach Chandra Tal Lake.

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How Is The Weather At Chandra Tal Lake?

During winters, the temperature plunge to -20 degree centigrade. Though during summers, it is cold but pleasant, making thousands of tourists flock here year after year. However, even during summer, snowfall may happen at any time, no matter whatever is the month. Therefore, one has to come here with complete readiness to embrace the snowfall, in case it happens during the trip. So, carrying woollens even during summers is a must and its better to go there with full preparation to handle any emergency, if it arises.

During summers the Chandra Tal lake presents immensely blue coloured Chandra Tal Lake giving stunning looks in the backdrop of colourful meadows covered with wildflowers. Winters, however, must be avoided.

The high altitude and closeness to the majestic Himalayas give travellers only a short window to make their visit to Chandra Tal (only summers), as for the remaining part of the year the area get disconnected due to heavy snowfall. During that time, the Chandra Tal Lake remains no more accessible because of several road blockages.

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Where Is Chandra Tal Lake Situated?

Chandra Tal Lake, situated on the Samudra Tapu plateau at an elevation of 14,100 ft in Spiti Valley of the Lahul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh is the most preferred lake because of its fantastic beauty owing to its heavenly crescent. The Plateau overlooks the Chandra River, which is also the source of Chenab River.

The Chandra Tal Lake is also one of the high-altitude wetlands of India, out of the total two wetlands. It is named as Ramsar sites. 

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How One Can Reach Chandra Tal Lake?

Reaching Chandra Tal lake is neither that simple and nor that arduous. The nearest town to Chandra Tal is Manali that is close to 140 km from there. From there, one can hire a cab or a taxi to reach here. Otherwise, one can also opt for buses to Kaza and get down at Batal, where one can stay for an overnight at some dhaba. Staying overnight will also help in getting acclimatized for higher altitudes. From Batal you can trek to Chandra Tal lake, which is about 14 km from there at the height of 4300 m.

Here there are few things to caution. Beware that once you cross Rohtang Pass, you can have food at Chhatru and Batal only and you can only have a BSNL network to communicate. Otherwise at Chhatru and Batal neither there is electricity nor any other network connection.

Secondly, also take a note that the road to Spiti is without any tar and has only mud and stones.

Alternatively, one can also reach Chandra Tal from Jispa or Keylong. From Keylog to Chandra Tal it takes around 8-9 hours with maximum time spent at Gramphoo to Chandratal stretch.

From Keylog move towards Rohtang Pass and them from Gramphoo head-on towards Spiti to get down at Chandratal.

One can reach Chandra Tal from Suraj Tal also, which is about 30 km from Chandra Tal.

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What Is The Best Time To Be At Chandra Tal Lake?

The best time to be there is from May to October.

However, September is the best time to be here. There are two different routes to be here, which remains opened close to four months from June third week to November first week.

How Does The Chandra Tal Lake Get Its Name?

As the lake is in the shape of a crescent, people named it as Chandra Tal Lake. On the one side of the lake, the mountain of scree over-look it while on the other side a cirque encloses it.

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What Are The Other Exciting Places Near Chandra Tal Lake?

Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass is the primary access to Spiti Valley while coming from Lahaul Valley. It is at an altitude of 4551 m.


Sissu is famous for its fantastic waterfall and is often visited by the visitors who come here to visit Chandra Taal Lake.

Bara Shirgi Glacier

The Bara Shirgi Glacier is the largest glacier in Himachal Pradesh, which is located in the Chandra Valley of Lahaul and is the source of the Chenab River. It' a vast glacier, with a broad spread of 25 km in length to 3 km in width that lies on the middle slopes of the majestic Himalayan range.


Darcha is the trekker's paradise at an altitude of 3360 m, situated at around 24 km from Keylong.

Suraj Tal

One can trek from Chandra Tal to Suraj Tal and also to Baralacha La which usually takes 2-3 days of trekking.

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There is nothing better than visiting Chandra Tal Lake the most beautiful and the sacred one, which along with providing trekking also lures tourists to come and get soaked in nature in its complete serenity.

Whether one is a nature lover, peace seeker, or with a sacred heart, Chandra Tal Lake provides all with panoramic views of the majestic snow-capped mountains on the one hand and a chance to enjoy the serene and pleasant environment of hill stations on the other.

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