What else could be better than visiting the most Sacred Shivalingam discovered, worshipped, and revered by the almighty Lord Sri Ramachandra himself during his exile in Dandakaranya, which is naturally increasing in size from the centuries since it got incepted amidst the serene, unscathed natural beauty away from human interference and disturbance in the lap of majestic snow-capped Himalayas?

Drawing a massive influx of devotees around the year, especially during the most sacred month of Shravana, the Gupteswar Caves has always remained as one of the mysterious tourist destinations for all, no matter whether they are pilgrims, nature lovers or adventure freaks.

With a beautifully decorated entrance with concrete carvings of Hindu Gods and deities follows a cowshed, which further takes one down a dark tunnel, which finally emerges out into a beautiful small opening with a clear view to Devi's Fall which comes from a surface stream before flowing off as an underground river.

The pilgrims, the devotees, and other tourists visit the cowshed after paying a visit and worshipping to their almighty Lord Shiva. After worshipping and offering prayer, they often sit here in the sacred aura of the centuries-old Shivlingam singing bhajans, chanting hymns and mantras and immersing deep in the blissful surroundings while soaking blessings. 

It is considered as one of the most auspicious Shivlingam, where visitors, just paying a visit is enough to get one's heart-felt desire fulfilled in next few days.

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What Are The Other Tourist Attraction Surrounding Gupteshwar Caves?

The Gupteshwar Caves, are often visited by the tourist after hiking to the World Peace Stupa Hike. Therefore, visiting World Peace Stupa while coming here is worth a visit before reaching here.

After visiting Gupteswar Caves and paying obeisance to the most revered God, one can visit the Tibetan (Tashi Ling), another revered Shivalingam in the near vicinity, which could then be followed by visiting the enthralling Devis Falls.

The serene surroundings and the clear blue sky with snow-cladded Himalayan ranges with widespread landscapes have often lured tourists as well as sacred heart pilgrims to regularly visit here along with their friends, families, and other dear ones.

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Where Are Gupteshwar Caves Located?

The Gupteshwar Caves are situated on the main road. These are limestone caves and are with quite low height at some places as the caves are.

The Mahadev temple bears a Jal Narayan in the pond, and close to the temple is a colorful spiral staircase that leads to the entrance of the Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave.

One has to lean a little before entering the cave. The venerated Mahadev Shrine is the first to come across while entering in the caves with a sacred Nandi Baill (ox) statue next to it.

After walking further through a path cut off from the underground rocks, one reaches the second section of the cave about 100 m ahead of it. Nearby it is a second staircase that gives one the glimpse of the slit in the center of the cave.

As one further proceeds inside the caves, the roaring gushing water from the nearby Devis waterfall makes it further exciting, mysterious, and awe-inspiring.

The second part of the cave, however, remains closed during the monsoons owing to the rainy weather and heavy rush of devotees engulfing here to seek blessings of their God.

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For the sacred heart pilgrims and the Hindu devotees offering prayers and worshiping Lord Shiva at Gupteshwar caves, the five thousand years old caves in Pokhara, Nepal is a must. After paying obeisance to the most venerated Lord, one can visit nearby other tourist destinations like World Peace Stupa, Tibetan (Tashi Ling), besides Devi'sDevi's Fall.

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