Kufri, the winter sports capital of Shimla, known for its snowfall, incredible destinations, and mesmerizing scenic beauty, is around thirteen km from Shimla and is one of the best hill-stations in India.

With several fascinations and a lot to offer to all tourists irrespective of their age or gender, whether they are honeymooners, couples, friends, family, or a group of adventurers, it entices all by its enchanting beauty and the natural, pleasant climate. And, if you are visiting in winters with a snowfall than, trust none on the planet is fortunate than you.

Let us unfold the mysteries that bring tourists from far-flung places to Kufri, year after year, making them more tempted to come again after their last visit.

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Here are the most exciting and the most visited tourist destinations at Kufri calling with open arms and impatient waiting to awe-struck you.

1. Kufri Fun World

Kufri Fun World is more of fun for young ones than kids. It has several fun rides to select from, and its going to be the toughest decision one has ever made, to decide which ride to avail and which one to skip, and it is for sure that one would be going to select all without resisting a single. It is not important, which you will skip, but what is important here is how many times you will like to go more. Whether it is Sky swinger, or Dashing car, or Kangaroo jump or Go-karting, all are going to thrill to give an unforgettable experience.

These rides have several levels to select from based on one’s interest and adventurism, and so are the prices of the rides according to the level you are going. It is all a matter of comfort for the entire family and oneself too. There are different bands for different choices.

2. Skiing In Kufri

From mid-December to early February, there is nothing better in the world than skiing in Kufri on the white cover of snow along with spouse, friends, or family. Skiing is at its peak during this period till the snow melts. Thousands of tourists flock here from across the world to enjoy the skiing on the thick cover of snow and bringing out their adventurous hero out of them. The highs and the lows, the slopes, and the soarings of the snow provide the most enthralling experience of skiing one could ever have.

Kufri no doubt becomes a Skiers paradise to allure all while raising their adrenaline and providing them with an experience, they will love to remember for the years to come.

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3. Horse Ride To Mahasu Peak

Mahasu Peak is the highest peak in Kufri and provides one with the fantastic views of the Holy Badrinath and the Kedarnath. One can be there only by horse/mule. The roads are muddy and are best to traverse on horseback. The ride is bound to be an exciting ride to give one much fun along with several breaths- taking moments, but do not be scared those horses and mule know their work and are doing it from last so many years. So, you sit and get soaked in the mesmerizing environment where nature is at it is best and enjoy stunning views of Mahasu Peak.

4. The Himalayan National Park

Kufri, around 20 km from Shimla, the excellent district of the ‘Land of Gods’, Himachal Pradesh, is the most beautiful hill-station often swarmed by the tourists across the world throughout the year.

The Himalayan National Park was established in 1992 and house many endangered flora and fauna. The animals here are kept in large and enclosures in their natural habitat resembling the environment.

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5. Mahasu Peak

Mahasu Peak is the highest peak in Kufri and provides one with the fantastic views of the Holy Badrinath and the Kedarnath. The majestic views of the surroundings are bound to leave you spell-bind for hours. The best way to be there is to hike through the thick forest of Deodar and climb up the top. Exploring, while hiking, is the best to reach Mahasu Peak, while many tourists prefer to go horse riding.

On the way comes the Mahasu Ridge, the paradise for the skiing beginners to have some practice before directly hitting the rough slopes. In case you have been there during the skiing season its better to give a try before you further climb.

The next spot on the way would be the Nag Devata Temple. It is worth visiting to have blessings and spending some time in the aura of the temple.

Later on the way, there is an amusement park that provides skiing, karting, and muchmore. And, above all, it is equipped with various fun rides, amazing pool games and the World's highest go-kart track.

It will not be a bad idea to take a break and be there before moving further.

Next, you can also have a look at the nearby Himalayan Aviary that is prominent to harbor many colorful birds in the state bird of Himachal, the Monal.

6. Indira Tourist Park

Close to Himalayan National Park, the Indira Tourist Park offers a calm ambiance to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea or food with friends or family. The park carries a legend of naming it that after the late Indian Prime minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi visited here for signing the Shimla pact with Pakistan in 1972.

It is close to 19 km from Shimla and about 5 km from Fagu. The tourist often visits here for the famous Yak rides and pony rides, which have become the main attraction that excites several tourists here. The park is equipped with all the latest amenities to provide tourists a comfortable stay here. There are Ice-cream parlors, video game parlors, beer bars, and much more in the Lalit Café, operated by HPTDC- Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, in its close vicinity. It is one of the better destinations to visit with family or friends for relaxing and rejuvenating.

It also offers tourists an opportunity to get snapped in Himachali costume as a nice souvenir.

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7. Yak Rides

Experiencing a unique Yak ride is the most exciting thing to do in Kufri, as it is available at very few places in the world. It will get back the centuries-old experience when people used to travel on slowly prodding, fluffy yaks, for going from one place to another along with carrying loads. While on the way, the beautiful landscapes and the gorgeous views along the route are bound to leave you to spellbind.

It will be a fascinating experience toabsorb the jerks of the ride while the local kids clapsgiving a pleasant laughter with every bump you get. And, the shudders during the ride are for sure to scare you to bring out your heart to your mouth. But don’t be scared, it’s more the fun than the fear which is going to make it memorable.

8. Tobogganing

Tobogganing is nowadays one of the most exciting things to do in the snow. In it, one slides down the snowy trails on a sled. It could be done solo, or with a spouse, or friend, or family also. It offers the mesmerizing views of snow-clad peaks, snow-capped mountains, valleys, meandering streams, and much more.

Toboggan is a type of simple sled, used on snow to slide down the hill either alone or along with a person or more, for fun and recreation. However, it differs from sleds or sleighs as it does not have any runners or skis on the underside. The toboggan bottom directly slides over the snow without any medium in-between.

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There is nothing better than visiting Kufri in Himachal Pradesh, whether you are a honeymooner, a snow-lover, a nature lover, or an adventurer. It provides you with panoramic views on the one hand and the ancient temples, on the other hand, besides providing you with a serene environment to rejuvenate and recuperate the mind, body, and soul away from the clumsy, cluttered noisy streets and chaotic traffic to the nature lovers and adventurous skiing or karting to the adventurer souls.

Kufri is a perfect paradise to enjoy the beautiful natural vistas and splendid panoramic views. It is best to explore it with spouse, family, or friends as you will not find such a pleasant place with chilled weather and serene environment anywhere else. 

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