Known as the Himalayan Kingdom and lying mainly in the Himalayas, including parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, Nepal is a landlocked country bordering China in the north and India in the west, east and south.

Geographically speaking it has all that it takes to make a place adventure and travel-worthy. It is home to eight out of the ten highest mountains in the world, inclusive of the highest point on this planet namely Mount Everest.

The natural variation in its altitude ranging from as high as the Mount Everest to fertile plains that follow makes it a haven for adventure seekers and the adrenaline junkies, in short Nepal has it all and if you are seeking to enjoy an adventurous vacation, then this is where you need to be.

Trekking terrains in this subalpine region and exploring ancient caves, and at the same time getting to relish the spectacular and mesmerizing views of the mighty Himalayas, while travelling on foot through the beautiful landscapes is an experience that you can have nowhere else than right here in  Nepal.

Hence ensure that you avail one of the Nepal tour packages when planning to visit here in order to derive the maximum fun out of that trip. 

Over and above the experience to be had as discussed above, you will find that as you move towards the plains there exists a further scope of adventure sports as in white water river rafting in rivers racing over daunting rapids, canyoneering in the large number of vast canyons between towering hills, and the presence of open expanses of grasslands fuels the adrenalin rush in you. 

12 Adventure Places to visit in Nepal

1. Pokhara

2. Sun Kosi – White Water River Rafting

3. Hattiban – Rock Climbing

4. Chitwan National Park – Jungle Safari

5. Bhote Kosi River – Bungee Jumping

6. Pokhara – Paragliding

7. Mustang – Mountain Biking

8. Gorak Shep – Everest Skydiving

9. Sarangkot – Zip Line

10. Fewa Lake – Stand Up Paddle Boarding

11. Canyoning & Canyoning In Rupa Taal

12. Bardiya National Park

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Things To Do In On Your Nepal Trip Packages

Adventure & Mountaineering


Zip Flying

Sky Diving

Bungee Jumping

Rafting & Kayaking


Mountain Biking


Jungle Discovery

Butterfly Watching

Spirituality and Pilgrimage

Pashupatinath Tour

1. Pokhara

Pokhara, has, over the past decade or so, developed into an all of Nepal adventure tourism hub. It offers you the toughest of the adventure sports like ultra-light flights to paragliding, zip inning to skydiving to bungee jumping, down to leisurely destinations sought by some of you as a getaway from the rigmarole in routine life. 

Pokhara is the gateway to or the starting point for various treks and trekking expeditions in the Annapurna region which also offers numerous sources of entertainment, both, for individual travelers as well as the travelling families, on a look out for some fun in the hills. 

It is in this region that you get to enjoy all the adventurous experiences like pony rides, hiking, boating, Zip lining, bungee jumping or paragliding or for that matter if you are on a look out for a relaxing trip beside any one of the several lakes in the valley. 

Being in Pokhara, it is an experience, par excellence. There is plenty of scope for some amazing and spellbinding photography, a walk along the shores of the Fewa Lake, relishing the surrounding greenery while gazing at the spectacular and amazing panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks of the Annapurna range trek

The brightly coloured wooden boats in the lake further complement and accentuate the greenery around you, while the paragliders floating down from above, all these combined make for a splendid panorama experienced nowhere else in the world but here in Nepal, it is there for you to relish, whence you visiting here on a Nepal adventure or any other Nepal tour package, and are bound to be your highlights of your travel experience here. 

Other than the various activities that can be indulged in, in and around the city, the most interesting and recommended one would be a hike to Sarangkot. The awesome sunset and sunrise views alongside the views of the city below are astounding, magnificent and mesmerizing to say the least and well worth the sweat to reach here on your hiking trip.

Another fascinating point here is the Devi’s falls or the David’s falls that disappear into the underground and the Mahendra Gufa, which are, in fact, a series of caves full of stalactites and stalagmites and also the bats that inhabit these caves.

Once here you will also get to experience the dominating view of the towering Mt. Machhapuchhare (Fishtail Mountain as known among the locals).  

o, in short, options here are a plenty starting from just boating to reading books while sitting in some restaurant sipping on your favourite beer or drink, going out for some real adventure trips or enjoy sightseeing or cycling around the valley. 

If you are fond of collecting memoirs of places you visit then even for that there a number of shops selling souvenirs, as Pokhara is the place where some of the finest handicrafts in the country are produced. 

If you are all buckled up for some really great time and adventure in Nepal then just go through the list of activities described below to pick your poison at the places mentioned and have a ball of a time and experience the thrills that go with it.  

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2. Sun Kosi – White Water River Rafting

As per the ratings by the National Geographic, this place occupies the 10th position in white water rafting in the world while the rapids in this river are classified to be class V. If you are an avid river rafter then this is the place to be, when on a Nepal adventure tour package.

Imagine the thrill of being swept down by a fast flowing river, the rush of adrenalin in your body when doing so is something unexplainable. It is exactly the same feeling that rafting in the Sun Kosi River in Nepal, gives you, while taking you through some mesmerizing scenic beauty of the land, river banks, forests and villages on the way down.  

3. Hattiban – Rock Climbing

Another place for some real thrills is the Hattiban rock climbing, to be enjoyed on a Nepal trip package. Hattiban incidentally is a beautiful small village in the Kathmandu Valley and offers you a chance for both some hiking and then the rock climbing.

It takes approximately 20 minutes of hiking to reach the rock climbing site, through some thick forests. Once here you will find that there is a range of climbing routes in the lime stone cliffs of the area.

In all about 10 intermediate to single-pitch routes, among these cliffs are marked for your convenience. Although the vertical cliffs are provided for with a couple of overhangs these routes are essentially meant for sports climbing, and also provided are bolted anchors throughout on top of each route. 

4. Chitwan National Park – Jungle Safari

A world Heritage site since 1984, the Chitwan National Park is one of the first National Parks of Nepal, covering the Shivalik Range. It is a deciduous forest covered with elephant grass, Sisam, acacia, and silk cotton plants etc.

The safari, that you go on when on a Nepal tour package for couples, through this forest, is packed with some great adventurous activities along its path like the bird watching trails, visit to an elephant breeding center, nature walk, boating/canoeing trip, elephant bathing, and excursion to the Tharu village sunset views etc.

5. Bhote Kosi River – Bungee Jumping

Most suited to extreme adrenalin junkies, who visit here having availed a Nepal adventure tour package, this 160 mts drop from the world’s third highest bungee jumping spot located on a suspension bridge across the Bhote – Kosi River in Nepal is something that would simply overwhelm you when falling from this height. You get to see some really amazing views, of the canyon through which this river flows, when falling down. 

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6. Pokhara – Paragliding

A question arises in one’s mind as to why Pokhara for paragliding when in fact there are so many other sites the world over to enjoy the thrills of this activity. The answer to this is that Pokhara is one of the top most commercial Tandem Paragliding locations in the world, a ride that can be enjoyed by couples on their Nepal tour package for couples.

Other than the fact that a range of safe takeoff and landing zones are available, the proximity of a large lake for the purpose of safety and the presence of stable thermals, it isn’t difficult to conclude that this site is the most conducive and coveted to paragliding in comparison to some of the other spots in the world.

Moreover, the snow capped Himalayas, low lying Valleys, and the scenic surroundings of Pokhara make for some mesmerizing amazing and out of the world views, a bonus par excellence, when paragliding in this region.

Moreover another plus in favour of this site is that it offers equal opportunities to the beginners as well as those having a number of flight hours, in paragliding, to their credit. 

Sarangkot, a 30 minute drive from Pokhara, by road, is the regular starting point of any paragliding expedition in this region as a result one initially floats over Sarangkot, for a while before flying over Pokhara and finally landing in proximity of the Phewa/Fewa Lake near Pokhara.

How one traverses the flight path, whether he or she just floats down or performs some acrobatic maneuvers is entirely up to expertise of the individual.  In short it is an experience of a life time having sailed through the skies at Pokhara.

There are roughly about 20 companies that offer services for paragliding in the region.

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7. Mustang – Mountain Biking

Of late Mountain Biking has seen a tremendous rise in popularity, especially in the reasonably higher reaches of the Himalayas.

The reason being the roughshod and age old criss - crossing rural roads through villages and wooded forests that pose a fairly good challenge to the bikers, along with the roads that traverse through cities and are comparatively smoother.

This variation in the track ensures a great biking route for the mountain bikers having opted for any one of the cheap Nepal tour packages. 

The lower Mustang being more accessible is considered to be a bikers pilgrim, while the upper Mustang is remote and restricted making it an expensive proposition, but all the same it is worth spending an extra buck, on.

On your trail you ride through the Tibetan Plateau and down the world’s deepest gorge, while the Muktinath Temple trip is the highest point on the trail at 3800mtrs. 

8. Gorak Shep – Everest Skydiving

Having been ranked 8th, among the 50 best “Try before you die” adventures, as organised in the world, by the CNN News Channel the Gorak Shep drop zone is among the highest skydiving zones in the world.

Although skydiving being an extreme aerial sport, the Everest skydiving takes the cake being an absolutely unique experience and the only one of its kind.

The execution of this activity involves you being taken up to the drop zone in a helicopter or a plane, to a point in front of the mighty Mount Everest at 8,848 mtrs. Then you free fall from there and enjoy the exhilarating experience while feeling the adrenalin rush through your body.  

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9. Sarangkot – Zip Line

Literally flying down from a pre determined height through a pre determined distance and that too over some exotic scenic mountain valleys is an experience in itself, best enjoyed in company of your partner when on a Nepal tour package for couples.

Zip inning, as it is technically known, is an activity carried out in Sarangkot in Western Nepal, wherein you fly down from an elevation of 5400 mtrs through a distance of about 1800 mtrs or 6000 feet through some amazing and scenic mountains.

The view on your flight, through these gorgeous mountains, is a sight to behold, especially the views of the Pokhara Lake as you zip down the line. The trainers handling these zip-line trips are highly trained professional assuring you of the safety when zip-lining. The equipment used for this offers comfortable seating while you enjoy your ride. 

10. Fewa Lake – Stand Up Paddle Boarding

You will certainly have seen in the TV in Natgeo channels regarding the popularity of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. This very activity is available here at the Fewa Lake in  Nepal as well, which can be taken up on one of the cheap Nepal tour packages.

The freshwater lake Fewa and its calm water, in the southern end of the Pokhara Valley, make this an ideal site for Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) activity. Standing up on a narrow board and rowing or paddling through the waters of this lake, while relishing some of the most serene views of the surrounding country side is an experience that you would certainly not like to miss out on.  

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11. Canyoning & Canyoning In Rupa Taal

Nepal has its own Grand Canyon, deep gorges and some mind-blowing high cliffs. An opportunity to explore these deep ravines is an experience that you will not get anywhere else.

Such an adventure filled activity is bound to leave you hungry for more, once you’ve got through it, on a Nepal Holiday package. It calls for a complete mind and body coordination to execute this.

The best place for Canyoneering in Nepal is the stretch lying between Kathmandu -Pokhara on the way to Chitwan and the ideal period for such an activity is from November to December.

12. Bardiya National Park

You reach the jungles of Bardia, after an hour long flight and a couple of hours of a road trip, in the western part of Nepal. A safari in these parts of the jungle is a lifetime experience, not to be missed when travelling on any one of the Nepal tour packages.

This Bardia National Park is a home to a countless number of species of mammals, birds and reptiles, and some like the Bluebull that you will not find in the jungles of Chitwan, besides these this pristine conservation area is also a home to the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger and Nepal’s famous one horned Rhinoceros.

It is bordered by the Karnali river where you could also enjoy some white water rafting.

The vast Sal and riverine forest with its tall elephant grass makes it an ideal habitat for a number of animals while allowing them to roam about freely without any fear. It is a home to about 250 species of avian, 30 species of mammals, and a host of reptiles.

While on a safari through this forest you are like to have more sightings of tigers here as compared to any other such national parks, a reason for this being a more favourite among the tourists visiting this area repeatedly in order to catch a glimpse of these big cats.

You can also spot the exotic Gangetic dolphin here along with some sightings of the endangered avian like the Bengal florican, silver eared mesia and the likes.

The above are a few of the various adventurous places in Nepal you should plan to visit on a Nepal holiday package, for an experience that is likely to haunt you for life and leave you greedy for more.