Among the many tourist activities and experiences available for the tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh, camping remains one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in the lap of nature. There is something about spending time in a natural setting that has a certain healing quality.  We have some popular Himachal travel packages to experience this adventure.

The experience of camping can bring perspective towards your daily routine of city life along with a fulfilling sense of adventure. Camping remains as one of the most accessible adventure tourism activity which almost all people can experience.

Among the many diverse and beautiful locations in India, Himachal Pradesh provides a spectrum of various opportunities to camp in some of the most beautiful locations nature has to offer. Himachal Pradesh is the land of diverse landscapes and beautiful scenic destinations that are ideal for camping.

If you are considering camping in Himachal Pradesh, it is important to check for the ideal weather conditions. This is because the activity of camping requires you to spend a significant time outdoors and the weather conditions must be taken into account before setting up your camp.

Camping in Himachal Pradesh is usually accompanied by the activity of trekking. Most tourists who are looking for some adventure, carry their tents in a backpack and trek for long distances while visiting various destinations along the way. Tourists can also avail the many Himachal travel packages that offer camping and trekking activities. These travel packages are available with the travel agencies and tour operators who can customize your journey according to your budget and time requirements.

5 Best Camping Destinations In Himachal Pradesh

1. Chandrataal Lake

2. Kareri Lake

3. Solang Valley

4. Kheerganga

5. Spiti Valley

In recent years, adventure tourism activities in Himachal Pradesh has seen a steady rise. The tour operators have many Himachal holiday packages for almost all kinds of adventure activities with camping being the most popular among these activities. 

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Camping in Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh(image source:wikimedia commons)

Camping usually involves spending a whole day or a night in outdoor areas such as mountain tops, valleys, riversides, and forest areas. There are popular as well as lesser-known camping destinations available for tourists. The popular camping sites in Himachal Pradesh usually come with all the important facilities like sanitation, well-cooked food, and easy connectivity. These popular camping destinations are ideal for camping in Himachal with families. 

These popular destinations are sometimes too easy for adventure seekers who are always looking for a challenge for the camping experience. The camping destinations available in the popular Himachal holiday packages are ideal for camping in Himachal with families because of all the facilities available to make camping more comfortable. 

Following is the list of the most popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh that are perfect for camping with families as well as for couples and solo travelers.

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1. Chandrataal Lake

Chandrataal Lake, Spiti (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The meaning of ‘Chandrataal Lake’ can be translated as ‘Moon Lake’. This beautiful lake is situated at a height of around 4300 meters. Chandrataal Lake is located in the district of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. 

Chandrataal Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lahaul and Spiti. It attracts thousands of tourists every year who wish to trek and camp near Chandrataal Lake

The natural beauty of this destination is indescribable in words. The beauty alone makes this site a perfect camping destination for tourists. Camping along Chandrataal Lake is an unforgettable experience that you cherish for years to come. 

You can reach Chantrataallake by trekking for around 4 hours. You can start your trek either from Kunzum La Pass or from Batal. The best time to visit is during the summer season. The months from late June to early October is ideal for visiting Chandrataal Lake. Spending the night under the rich sky full of stars is an amazing experience to have at least once in your lifetime. 

It is very important to prepare yourself in advance before your trip to Chandrataal Lake. It is important to carry essential medications, water, and food as there are not many options available on your way to this destination. 

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2. Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake during winters (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

All the popular Himachal travel packages almost always mention Kareri Lake as a perfect destination for trekking and camping. It is now a very well-known tourist destination which attracts hundreds of tourists every year. 

Kareri Lake can be reached by traveling around 30 kilometers away from the famous city of Dharamshala. Karerilake is also called by the name ‘Kumarwah Lake’. It is located among the majestic hills of Dhauladhar range of Dharamshala in the district of Kangra.Kareri Lake is located at a height of around 3000 meters above sea level. 

Summers are the most ideal time to visit this site due to the pleasant weather. Kareri Lake is also available during the winter season. However, during the winters, the temperatures can fall below the freezing point and the travelers need to prepare themselves in advance before trekking. It is best to avoid trekking during the monsoon rains as the trekking becomes dangerous due to slippage on the wet terrain.

The trek to Kareri Lake is a very pleasant experience that offers the scenic beauty of the Dhauladhars, the lush green forest areas with pine and oak trees. Many small river streams are passing through the rich bio-diverse landscape. 

Camping here is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have in the Kangra. Also, the visit to the village of Kareri is an experience on its own. The rich culture of the local villagers and their traditions give a glimpse into their lives which are connected to nature. You can also find some homestays in the Kareri village where you can spend some time learning about their way of living. 

Although the trek is not an easy one for beginners it can be done. However, it is better if you can prepare yourself before this trek in terms of physical fitness. Due to the altitude of Kareri Lake, it is required to acclimatize yourself as you ascend slowly to the top. 

During the monsoon, the trek becomes particularly hard because of heavy downpours. Some trekkers still go to Kareri Lake during monsoons and winters, but these trekkers are quite experienced. 

For beginners, it is advisable to prepare yourself in advance in terms of packing heavy sleeping bags, camping gear, a good pair of trekking shoes, etc. The trekking experience is quite challenging for first-timers. However, it is still doable. 

Kareri Lake is one of the best trekking and camping experiences available near Dharamshala. It is also among the most popular trekking and camping destinations in Himachal Pradesh. 

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3. Solang Valley

Solang Valley, Manali (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Solang Valley is another destination that is perfect for camping in Himachal with family. This family-friendly destination does not require you to trek for long distances. 

Solang Valley is located in the popular city of Manali which attracts tourists from all over India during the summer season. The Solang Valley has a beautiful background full of scenic views of the mountains and the lush green forests. 

Camping in Solang Valley is very easy compared to other destinations, as it is very well-connected by the road and no special trekking skills are required. Camps are usually available by the tour operators and you can also rent the tents and pay a small fee to camp in Solang Valley.  

For families, Solang Valley is the perfect destination as there are other adventure activities available along with Camping. If you wish to spend the whole day or night camping in Solang Valley, you can avail yourself of other activities such as Zorbing, Paragliding, and river rafting as well. 

The Solang Valley can be reached very easily from the main bus stand of Manali which is only 12 kilometers away. This is one destination that has a variety of tourist activities available for all kinds of tourists.

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4. Kheerganga

Kheerganga, Parvati Valley (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Kasol is a famous tourist destination popular, especially among international tourists. Kasol is full of trekking trails and natural hot springs along with the most scenic views of the mountains and lush green valleys. Tourists from Israel especially find this place to be the most ideal for their vacations. 

For camping, the trek to Kheerganga is part of the experience. The trekking trail to Kheerganga goes through the famous Parvati Valley. The trek is a beautiful experience as you witness the best nature has to offer. 

You can find various places in the Parvati Valley to camp as you continue your trek to Kheerganga. This is one of the best camping sites near Kasol. 

The other popular attractions that you can consider visiting during your stay in Kasol are the Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, Malana Village, and the Parvati Valley. The village of Kheerganga is located at a height of around 3000 meters above sea level. The trek to this village is around 11 kilometers from Barsheni in Kullu. 

To reach this camping site in Kasol, you need at least 2 days with various stops in between. The trek is usually easy to even for beginners but it is not recommended for families since it takes a long time to complete. 

Kheerganga trek offers various locations in Parvati valley to camp and admires the natural beauty. The best time for this trek is during the months of the Summer season.

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5. Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Spiti is famously known for its raw beauty and the expansive view of mountains and valleys. The huge landscape leaves an unforgettable memory in your mind when you travel through it 

The valley of Spiti is located in the district of Keylong. The Spiti valley has many trekking trails for adventure-hungry tourists visiting here. Spiti is a perfect destination for camping. 

The summer months are the most comfortable months for trekking and camping activities. Although, Spiti is open throughout the year and many travelers riding their bikes to the Spiti valley can be seen as well. 

The most distinguishing feature of Spiti Valley is its dry land which receives almost no rainfall throughout the year. The preparation before trekking through the Spiti Valley is of utmost importance. During the winters, the temperatures fall below the freezing point. It is advisable to carry enough warm clothes with you before any trekking trip.

Some of the most popular camping sites where you can camp for free are the following.

- Chitkul Village

- Sangla Valley

- Aphu

- Nako

- Kee

- Losar

If you are comfortable camping on your own then the above-mentioned sites are perfect for you. However, these sites are for people who are experienced in camping alone. For first-time campers, it is recommended to travel in a small group or with someone who knows at least the basics of camping. 

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Although many camping sites are available throughout India because of how easy it is to set up a camp. However, in Himachal Pradesh, there are so many small camping sites that are popping up all over the state. With the push from the tourism department to expand the tourism sector, many new tour operators are developing locations that are ideal for camping.

Although it is not easy to distinguish some camping sites better than others, the experience is quite subjective. What needs to be understood is that camping is still considered an adventure activity. This is because the most beautiful camping experiences are accompanied by trekking. The camping destinations are usually in the forest areas or a distant valley or a village.

The basic motivation behind camping is to be in a natural setting with no or less crowd as possible. That is why trekking is involved since the best camping sites are away from the crowd and the hustle and bustle of the city. To reach these places roads are mostly unavailable. That is the lure of the camping experience. It is about measuring yourself with a little challenge to make nature available to your experience and understanding. 

The 5 best-camping sites that are listed above are only some of the most popular camping locations. Most of the small camping businesses have been closed due to the COVID-19 situation. It is only in the summer months of 2021, we can accurately find what is available for the tourists.