Planning for your honeymoon can be as stressful as planning your wedding. With so many options to choose from, deciding on the perfect honeymoon destination can be challenging.

In India, the wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Weddings in India are usually are full of traditional rituals and huge gatherings. After the intense planning phase of the wedding is over, the couples also have to decide on their honeymoon destination. With so many amazing honeymoon destinations in India, mountains are among some of the best places to visit on your honeymoon

One of the main points to consider is the weather. Normally, the winters are considered to be very severe in the mountains. It is advisable to prepare yourself for traveling in Winters due to the extreme cold. Carrying enough warm clothes along with warm innerwear, caps, and gloves are recommended.

The summer season is the most popular season to travel to the mountains. People escape the city heat in the summers and spend their holidays in the mountain areas. In Summers, the weather is quite pleasant. The only downside is that all the popular destinations are full of tourists who rush to visit here to escape the summer heat. 

Traveling during the rainy season is dangerous as the roads get slippery. Trekking during this time is very risky as well. It is also advisable to avoid mountains during the rainy season due to the risk of landslides. 

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Manali as a honeymoon destination

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

If you wish to spend your honeymoon in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, then the state of Himachal Pradesh should be considered as your first option. This is because Himachal Pradesh is very well connected to the rest of India. Also, there are tour operators who offer many Himachal honeymoon packages to cater to your needs.

Among all the amazing destinations of Himachal Pradesh, Manali stands out as a perfect honeymoon destination. This gorgeous hill station is ideal for newly-wed couples for many reasons and is one of the most sought honeymoon destinations in India.

Some of the most important reasons for considering Manali as your honeymoon destination are as follows.

An all year round destination The best thing is that you can plan your honeymoon trip to Manali anytime during the year. Both summers and winters provide uniquely different experiences.

The scenic beauty in the summers is full of lush green forests with diverse flora covering the hills. The weather is very enjoyable and pleasant during the summer season. You can expect to see the most number of tourists during this time. However, there is no shortage of hotel facilities available for tourists.

Winters season is ideal for people who wish to avoid the large crowds and traffic during the summer season. During winter the beauty of mountains is uniquely different. The snow-capped mountains have a raw appeal during the winter season. During this time, many winter sports like skating and skiing are also available. It is also one of the most popular activities to engage in as a couple. 

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1. Tourist Attractions

Couples find a great list of amazing attractions to enjoy during their honeymoon in Manali. Some of the most beautiful attractions include hot springs, beautiful valleys, shopping areas, and beautiful temples. 

There are many places in Manali where couples can take long romantic walks through beautiful nature and scenic views. From waterfalls to restaurants and cafés, there is no shortage of tourist attractions for spending a honeymoon in Manali. 

2. Budget Destination

There are many available places to stay in Manali. If you do enough research you may find the best Manali honeymoon package that suits your budget. On the internet, you can easily find Manali honeymoon guides that give you an in-depth perspective on how to plan your trip in Manali.

Most of the places to visit on a honeymoon in Manali are affordable for short-term and long-term stays. But planning your trip well is still advisable to avoid any unintentional expenses. 

For your budget travel needs, Manali has enough options to choose from. Planning your itinerary well will help you stay stress-free during your vacation.

These 3 reasons make Manali one of the best places to visit on your honeymoon. People usually consider both Shimla and Manali as their top 2 destination choices in Himachal. In terms of numbers, Manali receives the highest number of tourists seeking a honeymoon vacation. 

There are many popular honeymoon places near Manali where couples can decide to stay at. Some of these destinations are part of Himachal honeymoon packages that are sold through travel agencies. Sometimes, people choose these travel agents to save their time on planning the vacation. Choosing the honeymoon package that is inclusive of all accommodation, food, and travel arrangements can save a lot of planning time.

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Most Popular Honeymoon Places In Manali And Attractions Around Manali

1. Kothi

2. Jogini Waterfalls

3. Solang Valley

4. Rohtang Pass

5. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Kothi

Kothi Village, Manali (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The picture-perfect village of Kothi is located around 15 kilometers away from Manali. If you go by road it might take around half an hour to reach Kothi from Manali main town. 

This village is known for the best scenic views of the mountains. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Manali with unforgettable panoramic natural beauty. Kothi village is among one of the best places to stay near Manali. 

For couples, it is the most ideal location which provides privacy as well as natural beauty. Usually, people visit Kothi for only a day but for couples who wish to stay longer in Kothi, there are a few options to consider. One of the best options is the famous Solang Cottages where you can book your stay.

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2. Jogini Waterfalls

Jogni Falls, Manali (Image source: Rahul Arora)

Jogini Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh. The waterfall is named after the goddess called ‘Jogini’. For the local community, this is a sacred place revered by many.

To reach the waterfall there is a beautiful 2-hour long trek starting from the Vashisht temple area in Manali. It is around 3 kilometers away from the main town of Manali. 

Reaching the waterfall and watching it flow is a wonderful experience. Couples find this tourist attraction very romantic and an unforgettable experience. 

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3. Solang Valley

Solang Valley, Manali (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Solang Valley is one of the most sought after destinations in Manali for couples and regular tourists alike. Many travel agencies include Solang valley in the Kullu&Manali honeymoon tour package they promote.

This beautiful valley is a gorgeous scene to cherish. Solang valley is a great destination for newly web couples. The valley is known for many adventure activities that couples engage in. These activities include paragliding, zorbing, horse-riding, and Skiing. The best way to make the honeymoon memorable is to engage in one of these popular adventure sports.

Solang Valley is around 15 kilometers away from Manali and it is an ideal destination to spend your day. You can find many accommodation facilities near Solang Valley which offers the best view of the valley.

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4. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass, Manali (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Rohtang Pass has managed to keep its title of one of the most popular attractions in Manali. This popular pass is situated at a height of approximately 4000 meters above sea level. 

This snow-covered area is the most common destination in all itineraries of people traveling to Manali. For a romantic getaway destination, Rohtang pass provides the beauty of the mountains as the background with a romantic opportunity to click some beautiful photographs.

Couples who visit Rohtang pass also indulge in adventure activities such as Snowmobile riding, Skiing, and Zorbing. Rohtang pass is ideal for spending a few hours in your day. Remember to acquire a permit before visiting Rohtang pass as it is a mandatory requirement.

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5. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

This is sanctuary is a perfect destination for newly-wed couples to enjoy their day. The summer season is the best time to visit the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary as it is full of lush green and beautiful forest areas that are perfect for romantic walks.

The sanctuary has many beautiful treks with amazing views to enrich your honeymoon. The sanctuary is spread over more than 3000 hectares of rich biologically diverse land. Many wildlife species of animals and birds can be seen here. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is ideal for couples wishing to take walks through nature.

These destinations are only a few of the most popular destinations which are available. There are popular resorts and spas where you can have a relaxing time while rejuvenating your health. Also, a large number of cafés and restaurants exist where a variety of delicious cuisines are available for you to taste.

Manali provides a rich spectrum of experiences to accompany the beautiful natural landscape. It remains one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts, accommodation facilities for all budgets are available. 

To add some adventure to the honeymoon mix, adventure sports activities such as paragliding and skiing provide an additional lure to Manali. With a diverse range of cuisines and tourist attractions, Manali is a perfect honeymoon destination for newly-wed couples.