Goa is clearly among the best tourist destinations in India. This coastal destination attracts thousands of tourists every year. Especially during December and January, Goa is full of tourists from within India and abroad. The number of people visiting Goa during the New Year celebrations is in huge numbers.

Among the international tourists, Goa is among the top travel destinations in India. Goa is among a few destinations in India that are warm during the winter months. It is a very common practice among foreign tourists to visit North India during the summers and the Coastal regions of India during the winter months.           

The reason for Goa being the top destination is not just about being one of the top party spots in India. It is more about the blend of pleasant weather conditions and laid-back culture where tourists can truly relax. Mostly, from within India, it is common to find people who come to Goa or a month or two for a long vacation away from their stressful jobs. 

Also, people from the Northern parts of India visit Goa by booking Goa travel packages from their travel agents. These small tourist groups usually have a defined itinerary to which they stick to. No matter what your schedule is there is no shortage of the finest places to party in Goa.

What does Party mean to you?

Sunset in Goa (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Partying is a very generic word that can mean different things to different people. For example, a small family traveling together can find Goa party places where they can simply eat and enjoy music playing in the restaurant or even a live music concert. However, when it comes to a family-friendly place, you can find such places in large restaurants or beachside shacks.

A young couple who might have booked one of the Goa tour packages for couples might find the most famous party places ideal for their honeymoon. But in the nutshell, Goa is a place where it is quite common to drink and party. The very culture of Goa is a party culture. The best tourist places in Goa are usually very friendly places with lots of international tourists. 

So, when you decide to party, you need to understand what party means to you. We have compiled a list of the finest places to party in Goa which includes destinations for almost all kinds of tourists except for the small families that may find family-friendly parties happening in various cafés and beach shacks.

7 Best Party Places in Goa

1. Hilltop

2. Club LPK

3. Cafe Lilliput

4. SinQ

5. Silent Noise

6. Club Tito’s

7. Curlies

Although you can find some sort of party happening almost every day at various cafés on the beaches of Goa. But we will list down the best party places in Goa that are exclusively meant for dancing and partying. The list will include Bars, Cafés and Dance floors where you can party to the music. Following are some of the top Goa party places which can make your vacation great. 

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1. Hilltop 

The name ‘HillTop’ comes up over and over again every time people start talking about the party destinations in Goa. It is clearly among the best places to have a party. is one of the best party places in Goa. It is one of the most famous party places for many years now. 

HillTop has a decent following on their social media channels and they have worked hard to create their brand. HillTop is one of the best places to experience ‘Trance Music’ in Goa. DJs from all over the world have come here to show their talent.

Sunday is the day in the week when the largest parties are organized here. Especially in December, the new year and the Christmas celebrations attract hundreds of people to this place. During the New year, the parties last until the mornings of the next day.

The place gets full pretty soon with tourists within India and abroad. Usually, some people dance during the party, if you are not much interested in dancing you can simply sit and have chai as you watch other people have fun.

The ticket prices usually range from 500 – 2000 rupees per person. HillTop is also one of the best party places in Goa because of the 3 day Goa Trance Festival which is celebrated in January. This famous festival is attended by at least 5000 people in a day.

HillTop is located in Vagator in Goa situated near the famous Saint Michael’s School. The party timings on the normal days are from 5 pm until 10 pm.

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2. Club LPK

This place is clearly among the best beach party places in Goa for people who have had the best parties in Goa. The letters ‘LPK’ in the name stands for Love-Passion-Karma. 

This club is particularly popular among the tourists who wish for a party on the beach. The main genres of music that are played are ‘trance’ and ‘house’. Club NPK is also considered one of the best night party places in Goa. 

This nightclub is beautifully designed with beautiful carvings. The overall ambiance is great for a party. The location of the club is perfect as it is surrounded by water from three sides. During the new year celebrations, this place is the ultimate destination in Goa for party lovers.

Club LPK is located in the Candolim area in Nerul Goa. The great thing about this club is that it is open 24 hours. There are days when the drinks are unlimited on certain occasions. Also, the starting price of entry is around 1,000 Indian Rupees. If are in Goa and you are looking for the best party place in Goa, then Club LPK is the best place for you.

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3. Cafe Lilliput 

This café is located on Anjuna beach and it is considered as one of the best night party places in Goa. Among the regular partygoers, Café Lilliput is best suited for late-night parties. Parties such as Christmas and New Year celebrations are some of the best experiences you can have with your friends.

The club has accommodations available for the tourists as well as the local food of Goa. If you wish to find new people, Café Lilliput is a great place to be. Almost all dance-focused genres of music are played here. You can freely dance the whole night without any worry. Among the young tourists, Café Lilliput is one of the best places in Goa to party.

The party times for normal days are from 10 pm until 2 am and the price of entry is around 1,000 Indian Rupees.

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4. SinQ

This nightclub is one of the most famous party places in Goa where you can have a ‘Lounge’ party experience. One important thing to note here is that only couples are allowed to enter this club. 

This club has a dedicated dance floor, a lounge area, a poolside, and a bar. This minimalist-style bar is very popular among the foreigners visiting Goa. For it being indoors, SinQ is also one of the top private party places in Goa. If you are with a small group of friends or even family, then this club is ideal for your kind of party.

SinQ Nightclub is located in the Candolim area and its timings start from 7 pm until 3 am. It costs around 1000 INR to enter this bar. If are looking for a private party place in Goa, then this club is perfect for a small group of friends. 

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5. Silent Noise 

Palolem is considered the best party hub in South Goa and Silent Noise offers a very unique party experience. In this club, you can wear headsets for listening to the music as you dance. This concept of arranging a party is gaining more and more popularity. However, in Goa, Silent Noise is probably the only place with this concept.

If you consider only South Goa, then Palolem is the ultimate destination in Goa for party lovers. Silent Noise is one club with has a very positive vibe to its ambiance. All major celebrations are arranged at this club. In the past years, Silent Noise has gained significant popularity.

You can also find performers doing aerial movements as the party goes on. If you are on your honeymoon or you have purchased any one of the Goa tour packages for couples, then it is good to ask your tour operator to add Palolem to your itinerary.

Silent Noise is clearly one of the best party places in Goa because of its uniqueness and the freedom you enjoy while dancing. On Saturdays, the timings for the club are from 9 pm until 4 am. It would cost you around 1200 rupees to attend the club.

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6. Club Tito’s 

This list will be incomplete without any suggestion of a club that caters to the music needs of the Indian tourists. Club Tito’s is one of the best places in Goa to party. This club specializes in Bollywood music and music by popular artists.

For the Indian tourist, partying with Bollywood music is one of the best things to experience. Club Tito’s has established itself as one of the famous party places in Goa. The entry to this club can be around 1500 - 2000 rupees. This club is also considered one of the best tourist places in Goa.

Club Tito’s is located in the Calangute area near Baga Beach. Most Goa vacation packages include this popular club as an essential party place in Goa.

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7. Curlies

Lastly, the list will be incomplete without mentioning the Curlies. This wonderful club is located at the beautiful Anjuna Beach. Curlies is a very famous club and it has established itself into a big brand. 

If you are looking for the best beach party places in Goa, then Curlies is ideal for all party lovers. This club is one of the oldest places in Goa. This club attracts party lovers from all over India. Mostly trance music is played here and a wide range of unique cocktails are also served.

Curlies is located in Anjuna and is located near the Flea market. The club generally opens from 8 am until 3 pm. You might have to spend a minimum of 1000 rupees at this club.

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These were the top 7 Goa party places to party with your friends. These clubs are considered the best because of the exceptional service, their legacy, and also the music they play. 

Goa will continue to evolve its party scene year after year. Tourists are now flocking to Goa to relax and lay back for a while. After the COVID restrictions, the revival of tourism is expected in the upcoming tourist season of 2021. 

It is quite likely that the new clubs are going to open in Goa and most of these places might not be mentioned in the popular Goa vacation packages. If you can research through Social Media Communities and the web you might find some new information regarding the developments in Goa.