Holidays are essential to escape your busy lifestyle. It is rejuvenating when you visit places of interest in Kullu Manali to you and those that you have been eager to visit for some time now.

The first place that you think of visiting among the various hill stations in India is Manali.

It is the most visited place, annually, by tourists from within and outside India.

Having decided on a place to visit, the next real challenge is to plan out how’s and when of the trip. For a smooth and tension-free trip, you need to consider a few aspects of traveling to a hill station. Although such an exercise could be quite frustrating, having done results in a very satisfying and successful outing.

Top 9 Things To Consider for Manali Tour

1. Best time to visit Manali

2. Duration

3. Weather conditions at the time of your visit 

4. Arrangement for a suitable and affordable accommodation 

5. Draw up a list of places to visit and to do activities at Kullu Manali

6. Means of local transportation

7. Means of travel to your destination

8. Necessary cash flow during the trip

9. Necessary Documentation to have handy during your trip

Let us just, for the sake of planning out, innumerate some of the major aspects, with respect to such a visit, having decided on a suitable Kullu Manali holiday tour package:

1. Best time to visit Manali

While planning to visit Manali it is most important to first and foremost decide on the time of your visit. Although tourists visit Manali all around the year, if you are planning a vacation, on one of our Kullu Manali holiday packages, then depending on your agenda of the visit, you could decide on when to visit Manali to get the optimum satisfaction out of your visit.

The ideal time for a visit to Manali is considered to be from June to October when you will get to see Manali at its colorful and floral best with very pleasant weather, ideal for people of all age groups and for the young ones to venture out for a trekking trip, outdoor camping or some river rafting. If you are longing to see Manali in its snow-clad avatar and enjoy some winter sports then the best time to visit Manali is from December to February.

So it is basically the type of experience that you are on the lookout for, that will actually determine your time of visit to Kullu Manali. It is preferable to avoid the monsoon season, since from the month of July till August the region experiences some of the heaviest rainfall at times extending well into the month of September.

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2. Duration of your trip

Having decided on the time of the year you would like to visit, the next challenge would be to decide the duration of your visit. Well, a trip wherein you are up and about every consecutive day to visit someplace or the other is in fact a trip that is badly planned. Reason being that a visit to such a serene and beautiful pace and not being able to relish its beauty and charm means a trip wasted.

So it is important to ensure enough time at hand on your Kullu Manali trip such that you can comfortably go round sightseeing, and have sufficient time in between to relax and cherish mother nature and explore more of the place at a leisurely pace. This way the experience that you get is one that stays with you over a period of time. Moreover, if you opt for one of our Kullu Manali packages, we could definitely work out an extensive and leisurely tour, for you.

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3. Weather conditions

Having finalized the above two aspects of your visit to Kullu Manali, it is highly advisable to look into the anticipated weather conditions at the time of your visit. Although we have already discussed the best time to visit here, above, the reason we are once again discussing this is that on this depends your accompanying travel baggage. If traveling during May to early July, it is summer in the region and you may not be requiring heavy woolens to carry with you. While on the other hand if you are planning to visit during the winter period from October onwards then it will require you to carry heavy woolens with you, for comfort.

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4. Accommodation

Having reached your destination you need a place to stay, and a comfortable one at that, more so, if you are traveling with your family along with elders. It is highly recommended that you select and book your stay at Kullu or Manali well in advance, more so if you are planning an outing on a Kullu Manali honeymoon tour package. The reason being that, both, during summers and winter seasons there is bound to be a big rush of tourists, who too, having availed of our, or some other service provider’s, Kullu Manali tour package visit the region.

There are a number of places where you can stay in Kullu or Manali, there are hotels, high-end, and budget and homestays, hostels and dormitories which provide you all the facilities at reasonable rates. You can trust your tour manager to provide the best for you as he has an access to some additional discounts that would ultimately benefit you.

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5. List of places to visit and to do activities 

A very important aspect of your visit is to prioritize the places that you intend to visit during your Kullu Manali Holiday trip. There a number of places that you can go out to on a sightseeing trip, someone dayer’s and some maybe about a day or two further off. Listed below are some of the prominent places from which you could pick and choose the ones that you wish to visit.

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Doing this will certainly make your trip a more comfortable one.

• Rohtang Pass

• Solang Valley

• Maa Hadimba Temple

• Nehru Kund

• Vashisht hot water Springs

• Beas Kund

• Bhrigu Lake

• Manikaran

• Museum Of Himachal Culture And Folk Art

• Gauri Shankar Temple

• Jagatsukh

• Jogni Waterfalls

• Jana Waterfalls

• Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery

• Manali Wildlife Sanctuary and Nature Park

• Manu Maharishi Temple

• Naggar Castle

• Jagatipatt Temple

• Sultanpur Palace

• Tripura Sundri Temple

• Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa

While selecting the places, for sightseeing, you can also glance through the activities or the things to do in Kullu Manali which are listed below and which the adventurous among you can plan for: 

• Open Air Camping

• Trekking

• River Rafting

• Zorbing

• Nature Walks

• Skiing

• Paragliding

• Stroll along the Mall, etc.

Depending largely on your duration period you could select and plan your sightseeing accordingly 

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6. Local Transportation

Having selected the places that you wish to visit, the next concern obviously is how to move around. For doing this you will be required to make prior arrangements for suitable local transport that could take you around all the places. The best and the safest way of doing this would be to ask your tour/travel partner, who makes all the arrangements for your Kullu Manali holiday tour package, to arrange for the same. It will be convenient as the same transport can pick you up from bus stand or the airport, as the case may be, and reach you to your place of residence at your destination.

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7. Route to Kullu Manali

Having arranged all the above the next step is to finalize on your means of travel to the region there are three distinct routes to Kullu Manali that one has the option of adopting. Although, the fastest way to Kullu Manali is to fly up to Bhuntar, the nearest airport to Kullu, and from there you can hire a cab to ferry you to Manali. For the more fun and adventurous souls and nature lovers, on their Himachal Pradesh Holiday trip, to Kullu Manali, there is no better attraction than a road trip to Manali. There are three options even for a road trip to Manali. You could avail of the services of a State-run Transport Bus service from Delhi or Chandigarh, hire a taxi or self-drive all the way to Kullu Manali.

If taking a taxi or self-driving, the route from Kiratpur Sahib onwards is the most scenic and exciting as the entire terrain from there on is through high and low hills and passes through some lush green stretches along the way. The best road route from Delhi to Manali is Delhi –Chandigarh – Rupnagar (Ropar) – Bilaspur – Sundar Nagar – Mandi – Kullu – Manali. If you are planning to go to Manali by train then the nearest railhead to Manali will be Chandigarh from where you will be required to hire a cab or catch a bus to Manali, an overnight journey. So, you need to be sure of the route you wish to take on your way to Manali before you embark on your trip.

Alternately you could also take a train to Pathankot, from where you can catch the toy train all the way to Jogindernagar, in Mandi district, and hire a cab from there on up till Manali. Traveling by the toy train till Jogindernagar is sure to be an experience to cherish for life long, with the train traversing through some amazing pine forests and lush green tea estates on its way to Jogindernagar.

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8. Finances 

Although you are bound to find ATMs all along your way to Kullu Manali, you are advised to carry some hard cash on you when you go sightseeing, as there is all the likely hood of not finding ATMs in remote locations of Manali. This is all the more important for the foreign tourists, who are advised to carry sufficient Indian currency, on them when traveling in the region.

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9. Documentation

 is of utmost importance, that while travelling, you carry with you all the necessary ID proofs, reservation slips, and permissions etc. You will be asked for these documents at Hotels, where you check-in, by the police for the sake of security, your local transport service provider would also like to see your booking slips etc. In the case of foreign tourists it becomes all the more important as they will be required to prove their identity at every point of entry and check-in, or for any other service that they may require.

So, when planning for a trip to Manali hills, having availed one of our Kullu Manali tour packages, for an unhindered and pleasurable tour of the region, make sure to follow the tips, as mentioned above, for an experience to be cherished for life.