Kashmir: Heaven on Earth

Kashmir is a destination that has unparalleled beauty and is incomparable to any other tourist destination. It is rightfully called heaven on earth. Nature is at its best with lush green valleys blooming with flowers and crystal-clear waters with trout fish frolicking in it. The beautiful valley of Kashmir is one of the most desired tourist destinations in India.

With more and more social media posts about the Kashmir valley and its gorgeous scenes of snow-capped mountains, tranquil lakes, and panoramic views, the popularity of this destination has increased greatly. There are several tourist activities including adventure sports being introduced for the travelers visiting Kashmir. In the coming years, the number of visiting tourists is expected to increase significantly.

Kashmir is surrounded by the majestic Himalayan and the Karakoram mountain ranges. You can easily book any of the available Kashmir travel packages that have all-inclusive facilities of food and accommodation along with transportation facilities. There are many great destinations you can visit and amazing tourists activities you can engage in.

9 Best Valleys In Kashmir

1. Nubra Valley

2. Gulmarg Valley

3. Sonamarg

4. Poonch Valley

5. Betaab Valley

6. Nagin Valley

7. Sindh Valley

8. Dha Hanu Valley

9. Yusmarg Valley

We have listed some of the most beautiful valleys in Kashmir that will make you fall in love with this beautiful destination. Following are some of the best valleys to explore and visit to make your vacation in Kashmir worthwhile.

1. Nubra Valley 

Nubra Valley, Kashmir (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

This scenic valley is situated in the northern region of Jammu and Kashmir. Nubra valley is a favorite destination for motorcyclists who ride from the major cities of India to the Kashmir region. 

Journey to Nubra Valley is through some of the most rugged and raw landscapes in India and it is one of the most amazing places to see in Kashmir. The Nubra valley is blessed with panoramic views of the landscape, apple orchards, and secluded monasteries. You can reach this valley by traveling around 160 kilometers from the city of Leh.

Some of the best tourist attractions that are worth visiting in and around Nubra valley are the Diskit Monastery and Samstangling Gompa. You can find some camping sites to stay in along with local homestays and small villas.

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2. Gulmarg Valley

Gulmarg Valley, Kashmir (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

This famous valley is very popular among tourists because of the many available adventure sports activities that you can engage yourselves in. Gulmarg valley is synonymous with mesmerizing views of the best nature has to offer. Your Kashmir tour package will be incomplete without a visit to this gorgeous valley.

Historically, Gulmarg is associated with the Mughal emperor Jahangir who considered Gulmarg as a summer destination. In recent years, Gulmarg has become more popular because of the social media promotions and addition of various adventure sports activities.

The two most important adventure activities that are famous in Gulmarg are Skiing and Gondola rides. If you are a couple on your honeymoon, then Gulmarg is the best place to make your vacation memorable. The other popular tourist destinations that are close to Gulmarg are Pahalgam, Leh, and Sonamarg.

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3. Sonamarg

Sonamarg Valley, Kashmir (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Sonamarg is roughly translated into ‘The valley of gold’ and it is because of the blooming flowers that bless this valley every spring. This beautiful valley of Kashmir is located at the height of around 2700 meters and is considered the best place to visit in Kashmir.

You will be greeted with some of the most gorgeous views and simply walking around this small village of Sonamarg is like being in a different world. The popular Sindh river flows through this valley and is associated with the Sindh civilization in historical times. You can enjoy trekking in this area, especially to the Thajiwas glacier.

For tourists, Sonamarg valley is a great start to some of the most beautiful trekking trails in the world. There are several lakes and trekking to these lakes is a profound experience for the trekkers. These popular lakes are Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar and Gangabal. Also, among the Hindu pilgrims, Sonamarg is a starting point for the famous Amarnath cave pilgrimage. 

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4. Poonch Valley

Poonch Valley, Kashmir (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Poonch Valley is one of the most famous valleys among tourists visiting Kashmir. The location of this valley is close to the Pakistan border which is an area of political tension between India and Pakistan. To visit this valley, you might require some special permissions and documents if the political situation gets stressful between the two countries.

However, Poonch valley is very much accessible to tourists. This valley is blessed with some of the most beautiful lakes and panoramic views of the Pir Panjal mountain range. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in the Poonch valley are Nangali Sahib Gurudwara and Swami Budha Amarnath temple which are places of pilgrimage and religious importance. 

You can easily travel to this valley by customizing any of your Kashmir Tour Package from your travel agent. Make sure to check for any current events regarding the border areas along with the weather conditions. You can find several hotels and homestays in the area where you can enjoy your vacation.

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5. Betaab Valley

Betaab Valley, Kashmir (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Betaab valley has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years. It has managed to attract hundreds of tourists to Kashmir. The name of the valley probably comes from the famous movie called ‘Betaab’ that was shot here. The valley is one of the most amazing places to see in Kashmir because of the clear water streams and a valley full of flowers and lush green vegetation. 

Some of the most popular tourist spots in this valley are the two lakes called Tullian and Baisaran. If you are on a pilgrimage to the Amarnath Cave, then you can visit this beautiful valley on your way back. 

Surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Kashmiri landscape, you will not be disappointed by the natural beauty that overwhelms you. On your journey to the Betaab Valley, you can explore some other popular destinations on your way. Tourists can enjoy trekking to the Sinthan Top or enjoy staying in the beautiful locations of Kongdoori and Khilanmarg.

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6. Nagin Valley

Nagin Valley, Kashmir (image source: Outlookindia.com)

The Nagin Valley in Kashmir is situated close to the ‘line of control’ near the Indian and Pakistan border area. This valley has opened up for tourism in recent years and has gotten quite popular among tourists. 

The Nagin valley is still considered one of the ‘unexplored tourist destinations in Kashmir’ because of its recent accessibility to tourists. The pine and deodar trees in the valley with the background of the beautiful mountain view are quite refreshing for travelers coming from a crowded city.

The most beautiful attractions that are close to this valley are the Apharwat Peak and the amazing Alpather Lake. There are homestays and hotels available for a comfortable stay with all the modern facilities. 

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7. Sindh Valley

Sindh Valley, Kashmir (image source: Wikipedia.org)

Sindh Valley is quite an important destination which a historic connection to China. In the earlier times, the famous silk route that was meant for trade was connected to this valley. Historically, this valley served as an important connection between India and China. 

The culture of the people in the valley is a unique blend of Buddhism and Islam. Along with the natural beauty of the lush green meadows, you can enjoy a great vacation with your friends and family. For couples on their honeymoon, Sindh Valley is a great destination to choose. 

Also, photographers and nature lovers visit this valley to capture the rare birds and wildlife that are found here. Some of the famous species of Ibex can be found here and photographers have taken great shots from this valley. The famous Sindh river and the Betaab valley are quite close to this destination. The Kashmir packages offered by the tour operators can be customized to include this and the nearby attractions to suit your budget.

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8. Dha Hanu Valley

Dha Hanu Valley, Kashmir (image source: discoverlehladakh.in)

Dha Hanu Valley has become quite popular among the domestic and international tourists who visit every year. The famous Indus river flows through this beautiful valley and without a doubt it is the best addition to your Kashmir trip package.

The tranquil villages that surround the area of the valley are a great destination for photographers. Historically, the ancient Aryan civilization lived around this valley. The valley is close to other villages of Ladakh and Ladakhi culture is quite visible in the lifestyle of the local people.

For a quiet and relaxing vacation with your family, this valley is a great destination to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you are an adventure seeker, you can also take the famous Chadar Trek or camp in the outdoors to feel the serenity of nature. 

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9. Yusmarg Valley

Yusmarg Valley, Kashmir (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

This valley is a perfect destination for tourists who love to be in the lap of nature. This valley is a great vacation spot that is ideal to be included in any of the popular Kashmir travel packages. 

One of the best features of this valley is the beautiful meadows that bloom with multi-colored flowers during the spring season. The views are simply breathtaking and it provides a relaxing atmosphere that stands in contrast to the pollution-prone city life. 

You can enjoy nature walks in the lush green meadows and alongside the clear Dudh Ganga river. This valley is one of the best places Kashmir has to offer. If you are traveling with your family, then being here can be one of the most amazing vacations you can take with your loved ones. Yusmarg valley is also a great honeymoon destination. The Dachigam National Park is also a great tourist attraction that is close to this valley. Wildlife photographers and bird watchers visit this valley to capture the photographs of some of the rarest species of birds and animals.

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These 9 valleys were some of the best valleys in Kashmir because of the heavenly beauty it exudes. These valleys are accessible for tourism and are a great choice for you if you are looking to travel after a long period of lockdown. 

You should make sure that you do plenty of research regarding the political situation when it comes to traveling to Kashmir. This is because Kashmir is still quite a sensitive subject for the people of India and Pakistan. Although, there has not been an issue since last few years and the traveling is very much safe. But, it is still wise to check the current events before traveling.

Another important consideration is the documents you carry. Make sure you have all the required government-issued identity documents along with any permission you might need to enter certain areas. To enjoy a hassle-free vacation, you can always contact your travel agent and ask all the important questions regarding your journey.

Your travel agent can offer you many great Kashmir trip packages that you can customize according to your budget and travel needs. There are still many unexplored tourist destinations in Kashmir because they are less traveled. That also means that these destinations might be close to the border areas. Make sure you ask a lot of questions from your travel agent before deciding to visit these locations.

Lastly, Kashmir is worth your time and money. Simply, being there in the openness of the natural setting is enough to deeply relax your spirit. There are no words that can express the beauty that is synonymous with Kashmir. It still is the best vacation destination in India.