Kufri: A Great Weekend Destination

Kufri is a small and popular hill station located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a great vacation destination and is very famous among the tourists visiting from the states of Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana. The hill station of Kufri is a great weekend destination for people who wish to experience the scenic beauty of the mountains during their short vacation.

Kufri can be reached by traveling around 20 kilometers from the city of Shimla. You can find the weather to be quite pleasant during the summers. During the winters, Kufri attracts tourists for its magnificent views of the snow-covered mountains and beautiful landscape. The hill station of Kufri is situated at a height of around 9000 feet. 

In recent years, Kufri has become popular because of the winter sport of Skiing. Several winter sports activities have become popular among the tourists who are looking for an adventure. There are many interesting activities you can indulge in as a tourist to make your trip to Kufri more enjoyable. You can find many Himachal holiday packages that include Kufri as a honeymoon destination as well as a destination for adventure tourism. 

Apple garden on a hill in Kufri, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

If you are planning for a short trip to Himachal Pradesh, then do consider visiting this beautiful hill station that is easily accessible to the tourists traveling by road. As a road trip, you will not be disappointed for visiting this destination. For witnessing the snowfall, Kufri is among the favorite destination for people traveling from Punjab. 

Kufri is also a great starting point for tourists who wish to explore Manali and Shimla. It has also been considered as a ‘Winter Sports Capital’ of Shimla. This is because of the increasing number of winter sports events mainly Skiing being held in Kufri. The peak winter sports season starts from November until February. Kufri also hosts the 'Winter Sports Festival' every year. 

The landscape of Kufri is full of lush green bio-diverse plants and trees. The dense deodar forests and the snow-capped mountains are great for clicking those memorable pictures with your friends and family. Apart from the spectacular views, you can also enjoy a calm and peaceful time away from your city life. Most of your travel needs will most likely be met in Kufri.

8 Best Things To Do In Kufri

1. Skiing

2. Trekking

3. Camping

4. Horse-rides and Yak-rides

5. Tobogganing

6. Sightseeing in Shimla

7. Visit Himalayan National Park

8. Visiting Kufri Fun World

We have listed some of the best tourist activities you can engage in as a tourist. The list includes experiences of the activities and the destinations that are suitable for all kinds of tourism needs. You can find things to do as a family, or with friends or with your significant other. If you are traveling solo, you might find a few things you can enjoy while traveling alone in Himachal Pradesh.

So, here are some of the interesting things to do in Kufri.

1. Skiing 

Tourists skiing in Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Skiing is one of the best adventure activities you can experience in Kufri. Even if you have never skied before, you can find people helping you learn the balancing act and the thrill of Skiing. The best time to ski is from November till February. 

The Mahasu Peak is a great place for skiing as it is has slopes meant for beginners as well as for experienced skiers. Several courses are offered by the state tourism department. You can also find Skiing equipment for rent at various places in Kufri.

If you are traveling with your family, friends, or as a couple, you can try learning skiing and experience the thrill of the sport. You will be surprised that skiing can be learned easily if you are motivated enough to start learning. You can also enjoy the sport of Skiing as a spectator during certain Winter sports events. There are many winter sports events that you can check online before attending them.

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2. Trekking

Kufri Hills, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Trekking is a very moderately challenging adventure activity suitable for all kinds of travelers. Trekking is a great way to connect with nature and experience the fresh air in your lungs. If you are from a city, you can go on a short trek to feel the contrast between the beauty of the mountains and the freshness of the air.

Among the trekking enthusiasts, Kufri has some of the best trekking trails. The hill station of Kufri also serves as a starting point for popular trekking trails leading to Manali, Shimla, Rewalsar, and Faqu. Trekking on these trails is one of the best experiences you can have as a solo traveler. 

You will be greeted with magnificent mountain peaks with nature blooming in all its glory. One of the most popular and best trekking trails is the Mahasu Peak Trail. Mahasu Peak is famous for Skiing during the winter months. However, during the summers, it offers an amazing trekking experience. You can see Kedarnath and Badrinath mountain ranges from Mahasu Peak. 

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3. Camping

Camping site in Kufri, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Camping is probably the most relaxed adventure activity that can be experienced by all kinds of tourists. Kufri has become quite famous for its camping activity with more and more people coming to experience this adventure. Free from pollution, the Snow Trail camping site is very popular. It is located on the Kufri-Chail road and is situated at a height of around 2200 meters above sea level. 

You can easily find many camping sites with all the facilities available online. If you want the minimum hassle with the food and proper sanitation facilities, you can experience camping with your family.

As a Solo traveler or a backpacker, you might have to search for certain forest areas where you camp. It is better to check if those areas require any prior permission to camp. You can also have a picnic and camping at Faqu which is a beautiful area located at a distance of around 7 kilometers from Kufri. 

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4. Horse-rides and Yak-rides

Himalayan Yak in Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

One of the experiences that young children enjoy while traveling with their families is the experience of riding horses or a Yak. Even the older tourists get happy while riding Yak or a horse. This is a family-friendly experience that is accessible to people who travel to Kufri.

The couples who are on their honeymoon can choose horseback riding for a memorable vacation. If you know how to ride horses on your own you can choose to take a long ride through beautiful scenes that Mahasu Peak offers.

Yak-riding is also quite popular among children who enjoy the slow ride on the fluffy Yak. The horse and yak rides are best to be experienced at Mahasu Peak. The cost of the rides will be around 300 – 500 Indian Rupees per person.

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5. Tobogganing

People tobogganing (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Tobogganing is quite a new activity known to many tourists, but it is very popular in Kufri and other popular winter destinations. Since the last few years, Tobogganing has been gaining popularity. Tobogganing involves sliding down the slope using a sledge that slides on the snow. 

It is a very popular activity that can be considered adventurous. The best time to experience Tobogganing is during December and January. The snow cover during these months is quite thick and you will find many people enjoying sliding through the snowy slopes.

If are on your trip to Himachal Pradesh then the most accessible adventure activity is Tobogganing during the winters. Kufri is a great place to enjoy this activity you’re your friends and family. You can slide on a Toboggan as a team of two and share your excitement with your friend.

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6. Sightseeing in Shimla

Mall Road, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Shimla’s mall road is a great destination for sightseeing, shopping, and eating out with your friends and family. Without a doubt, Shimla is one of the favorite destinations among domestic tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh. It is also a very well-known honeymoon destination.

Shimla is around 14 kilometers away from Kufri and you can easily visit the famous Mall road of Shimla. There are many places to shop for handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs. The most famous handicrafts to buy are the Tibetan handicrafts and the famous Pashmina Shawls. 

Shimla is a great place for cultural events and clicking photographs with your loved ones. The famous Lakkar Bazaar and other market areas will help you find some authentic traditional handicrafts and textiles. Shimla is the most popular destination that is included in the Himachal holiday packages offered by travel agencies. It is a must-visit for all the domestic tourists heading to Himachal Pradesh.

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7. Visit Himalayan National Park

Himalyan National Park, Kufri, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Himalayan National Park is beautiful bio-diverse land that is home to over 180 species of birds and animals. For nature lovers, this national park is heaven worth experiencing. 

Visiting this national park will calm you from within as you will be witnessing some of the best scenic views of the mountains and valleys. The freshness of air will make you free from all the anxiety before your vacation. If you are a nature lover or a photographer looking for the most beautiful scenes, then visiting the Himalayan National Park is one of the mandatory things to do in Kufri. Bird watchers and photographers can click photos of some of the rarest bird species in the world. Rare animals such as snow leopards and musk deer are also found in this national park. 

If you are on a honeymoon vacation, then visit this national park will be an enriching experience to remember. Being in the lap of nature and spending time with your significant other is worth your time. 

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8. Visiting Kufri Fun World

Go Carting Track, Kufri, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Kufri Fun World is an amusement park that is unique because it is situated at a height of around 9000 feet. This amusement park is one of the mandatory things to do in Kufri if you are looking to have fun with your friends and family. Children particularly enjoy the rides at this park and can find many ways to enjoy their vacation.

Some of the rides that you can find in Kufri Fun World include Mini Formula Car racing, skating, trampoline, 5D theatre, Bowling alley, and many rides. Visiting Kufri Fun World can be a great way to experience the outdoors while having fun.

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Kufri is a renowned hill station and it is one of the most accessible tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The majority of the tourists visiting Kufri choose to travel using their vehicle because it is well-connected by roads. One of the most popular reasons for coming to Kufri is during the winter season. 

Although Kufri is a great destination for both summer and winter. But traveling during monsoon months can be a risky affair. This is because of the bad road conditions due to heavy rainfall and landslides. You should consider checking the weather and road conditions before traveling during the monsoon months.

People especially from the state of Punjab, travel to Kufri to witness the snowfall. It is an annual ritual for tourists from Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana to visit Himachal Pradesh to see the snowfall. Shimla being too overcrowded, makes people move to Kufri as their second-best choice. 

For a great short vacation, Kufri is a great travel destination worth experiencing. For budget travelers, Kufri is an ideal hill station to experience nature’s beauty and charm. It is considered a great picnic destination for families who wish to travel for a short vacation. 

One thing to keep in mind is that of observing Covid-appropriate behavior during your vacation. This is a matter of concern because after the Covid lockdown restrictions were lifted, popular destinations such as Manali and Shimla have seen overcrowding of tourists. With more and more people gathering at one destination, the risk of contracting the Covid infection also increases. Make sure you take proper precautions if you are traveling during peak tourist season.